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11 reasons Christiano Ronaldo will be United’s next Manager

There are numerous reasons why Manchester United fans all over the world are patiently waiting for Christiano Ronaldo to step up as Manchester United Manager.

Infact some are hopeful that management board will beg Christiano Ronaldo to take the manager role earlier than he would want to. We know  Christiano Ronaldo would like to play till he is Forty years old or above.

For many who might be wondering why we think the fans and management board have begin to consider CR7 the manager role.

  • Christiano Ronaldo has a major influence on the team he goes. Come on! He has five (5) Ballon d’ors. All players respect him and see him as a very senior player, one of the best in the world.
  • Ronaldo is compassionate and kind.
  • CR7 has a very rare winning mentality.
  • He understand different football style of play (Spanish, English and Italian).

Well, here are our reasons:

#1. Christiano Ronaldo has faith in himself and in his team mates

Many athletes dream of having a successful professional career, joining big teams and winning numerous trophies, but this is unlikely to materialize in the majority of cases. Why? Because success can be frightening at first, and many players do not believe in themselves, their abilities, or their ability to achieve great things.

  • To be successful both on and off the field, you must believe in yourself and be willing to “battle” for your goals. You may not realize it, but Cristiano Ronaldo’s greatest asset is unquestionably his self-assurance. Indeed, he is not afraid of setting lofty goals; in fact, he finds that creating lofty goals motivates him greatly.


#2. C. Ronaldo work assiduously and inspires team mates to work hard

Many people declare they are ready to succeed, but few are willing to put in the effort required to accomplish so. However, one cannot exist without the other: work and success are related. And it was something Cristiano Ronaldo realized early on in his career.


He is well-known and regarded for his work ethic, which distinguishes him from other players on the field. His accomplishments, on the other hand, did not come suddenly; they were the consequence of a protracted process, a complicated routine, and a lot of hard work.


C. Ronaldo is a player who always gives his all, whether it’s in training or in games. He trains till he is completely exhausted (Be careful to not fall into overtraining).


#3. C. Ronaldo believes he is the best

What matters here is what you believe to be true, not what others believe to be true. It makes perfect sense to Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s almost a requirement: in order to become and be acknowledged as the top player in your position, you must first believe in yourself!

This approach was one of the renowned boxer Mohammed Ali’s most valuable assets and secrets. He used to do what is known as auto-suggestion, just like C. Ronaldo. It entails repeatedly repeating an affirmation until we are sure that it is true. It then has a great chance of manifesting in the physical world.


#4. Christiano Ronaldo never give in to the naysayers.

Accept criticism as a normal part of life. Indeed, critics are an important part of a footballer’s career and existence, even if they are rarely linked with something pleasant.

Football is a highly publicized sport throughout the world, therefore this suggests a bigger number of potential amateurs (TV watchers, supporters, fans, etc.) and consumers (number of professionals and amateurs licenses in constant rise) of this discipline.

As a result, the more the Football image expands (because to the rise of social media and other social networks in particular), the more likely you are to be chastised. A good piece of advice to remember here is to not take criticism personally and instead use it to propel yourself forward, as the famous quote goes:

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”


#5. Christiano Ronaldo always have objectives in mind.

What will get you to the top is your capacity to establish lofty goals for yourself. And it’ll be your goals’ level that allows you to stay there.

This is Cristiano Ronaldo’s thinking, and he believes the most difficult thing is to stay at the “top level.” The most important thing is to be able to set goals that will push you, not to impress others.

Your purpose will always outweigh the rest of the world. If you don’t establish high enough goals for yourself, you’ll be far more susceptible to external distractions, temptations, or solicitations. These will divert your attention away from your objectives and may even be harmful to your career.


#6. Always strived to improve himself during trainings and maintain a professional demeanor.

It is no secret that Cristiano Ronaldo is a dedicated worker who is continuously striving to improve. There is a significant distinction, in his opinion, between going to training to train and training to improve.

As a result, C. Ronaldo conducts himself with great professionalism during his training sessions, devoting 100% of his time to becoming a better player than he was the previous training session. Many of C. Ronaldo’s teammates (whether during his seasons at Manchester United, Real Madrid, or Juventus of Turin) were taken aback by his professionalism: he is always the first to arrive and the last to leave the training facility (We are talking about several hours before and after the collective training).

Before and after the group sessions, C. Ronaldo trains intensely and individually.


#7. Winning and optimistic mentality

Everyone faces hardships, and it is quite acceptable to feel down at times in our lives. Having a positive attitude and mindset, on the other hand, will contribute to self-fulfillment and promote well-being, both of which will have a significant impact on your performance on the field.

As a result, the quality of the relationships you are surrounded by (family, friends, professional ties, etc.) must be as healthy as possible, allowing you to go toward your goals rather than limiting or preventing you from attaining them.


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