Monday, December 11

2023: Disregard allegation of disunity in our party – Nasarawa LP Chair

By Arinze Chetuni

The Nasarawa State Chairman of Labour Party, Alexander Emmanuel has said that people should disregard allegations of disunity in the party, saying that Labour Party is not in any form of crisis but it is rather strategising on how it would take over power at the federal and state levels in 2023.

The LP Chairman was reacting to allegations in some sections of the media which were attributed to the governorship candidate of the party, Joseph Ewuga where he alleged that the party chairman was involved in anti-party activities.

Speaking during a press conference in Lafia on Sunday, Emmanuel said based on the allegations, he was accused of causing disunity in the party and engaging in anti-party activities which are capable of reducing the chances of the party to emerge victorious in the 2023 general election.

He, however, dismissed the report, saying that the peddlers of the information are mischief makers who were not happy with the progress of the party in the state.

Emmanuel said, “The Labour party in Nasarawa state is not in any crisis. Infact, we are working towards winning our elections at the federal and state levels in 2023. But because some people are not happy about our progress, they decided to tell lies that we are not united and that I was involved in anti-party activities.

“They approached our governorship candidate, Joseph Ewuga for an interview and all he said during the interview were misinterpreted on their media platforms so that they can give the party a bad name.

“From all indications, they are being sponsored by other political parties in the state to cause disaffection among leaders of the Labour party.

“It is very clear that they misquoted the governorship candidate because we do not have any misunderstanding. We even held a meeting on Saturday where we discussed and shared ideas on how our party will emerge victorious in 2023, which is an indication that we are united. So, the mischief makers should steer clear from us. We are focused on the coming elections.”

When contacted to get his reaction on the matter, the governorship candidate, Joseph Ewuga described his relationship with the party chairman as ‘heavenly’, adding that the media reports were misleading.

“I do not have any issues with the State LP chairman. We have been working together for the good of our party. It is sad that what I said during the interview were misinterpreted,” he added.

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