Monday, December 11

2023: Nigerians do not want a president from the south or the north – Advocacy group

Nigerians do not want a president from the south or the north, according to a group.


On Monday, Dr. Bukola Saraki of the Presidency Advocacy Team stated that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has read the mood of Nigerians and realized that Nigerians do not want a President from the south or the north.


Prof. Iyorwuese Hagher, the group’s Team Leader, told the press at a news conference in Bauchi that what Nigerians wanted was a president who was not nepotistic and competent.


These characteristics, according to the organisation, fit its leader, Dr. Bukola Saraki, who it regarded as an excellently qualified Nigerian by all measures.

Nigerians do not want a president
Dr. Bukola Saraki

“Today, Nigeria is in the doctrine of necessity, and it is because of this that Nigerians declared in 1999 that they were willing to go to any length to find the perfect candidate to unite the country.”


“Today, that philosophy of necessity has become very essential because the PDP is reading the spirit of the country, and the sentiment of the country is that Nigerians do not want a Southern or Northern president; they want a competent president.”


“They want someone who would bring us together, boost the economy, and keep Nigerians safe at home.”


“Someone who will safeguard our colleges, and provide us with gasoline, gas, diesel, oil, and power, among other things,” the organization stated.


According to the group, it was on this basis that they traveled to Bauchi state to present Dr. Bukola Saraki’s credentials to the state’s delegates.

The organizations contributed to the mix “We don’t want a president who is a nepotist, so we don’t care where he comes from or who his brother or wife are.

“We want a Nigerian president with a broad vision who would bring the country together, wipe away our tears, and transform Nigeria into a great country.

“This is our vision, and that is what has taken us to this point.”

The group, on the other hand, claimed that it hoped for a national consensus in which a candidate would be chosen unanimously, and that any consensus candidate would have its full support.


It also stated that Dr. Bukola Saraki is a devout and devoted member of the PDP who, if not chosen, would promptly support whoever emerges as the consensus candidate.


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