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ADULTHOOD: Expectations Vs Realities. What is adulthood really about?

ADULTHOOD: Expectations Vs Realities

I realised during the course of the week that a lot of people do not prepare for what” Adulthood” really is. Usually, the body is developed, but the mind isn”t. Most people tend to run with very wrong and myopic mindsets.

This is my own approach to what I think Adulthood is. It’s a state of well-being which some would regard as “a scam“, including me?, due to what we can now see. Still, we have no choice but to embrace it.

1) However we choose to look at it, we can relate with the fact that once you are an “Adult”, you have passed the stage of being an” Adolescent”. Therefore, there
are certain words associated with Adulthood which should be seen in anyone who has passed the state of being a juvenile. They are; Maturity, Sensibility, Growth and development. This growth and development requires that we can no longer speak, act or have habits like an Adolescent would. We start to pay close attention to our spiritual, physical, psychological, mental, social, emotional and intellectual progress.

2) Adulthood comes with;
a) Independence- Here, we make decisions and choices on our own, and act on them independent of what others might think.

b) Expectations- Here tend to birth ideas, dreams, visions, desires, passions etc based on personal pursuits and intended achievements.

c) Responsibilities- Here, we start to provide solutions. We start to meet physical, financial, emotional, mental, spiritual, psychological needs.

d) Accountability- Here, We start to see results from the decisions and choices we have made, and the actions we have taken.

e) Experiences- Here, we start to live out or actively become an image of our formed values, idealisms, conducts or mannerisms.

f)Habits- Here, We see the result of our thought patterns, behaviourisms, and practices over time. Some may even be from childhood.

3) The way it happens most times is that: Our life on earth as each day passes, greatly involves our feeling of wanting something good/bad to happen as it relates with the individual. So, we discover that we live with the state of being expectant for the rest of our lives. Therefore, we naturally look forward to so many happenings as we grow through different stages of our lives.

Expectations Vs Realities of adulthood. What is adulthood really about?

Eventually, realities begin to set in. We come face to face with facts, events or situations that exist beyond our control. Then, we start to loose trust/interest in our being and reason for living. Sometimes, We get overwhelmed, and while we struggle to make a worthy life of what we have, Others might just decide to leave it to the choice of death than a chance of severe or ageless pain and suffering.

4) How best can we now live through this phase and beyond;
1) Faith and Beliefs(The Core of human existence).
I don’t think anyone existed before the creation of the world. Even those who do not believe in “God”, base their facts/perceptions on “The things that already exist” which included their notion on the ” Supernatural”. So, I guess that’s why MAN forever has limitations. There is no one who can know it all or do it all. We all live and die without the control of “how we exist”, and “how we would exit”. I believe our lives transcend beyond the physical just as we have no full control of time. Therefore, seek the truth and be sure of what your convictions are because your life and death would be based on those beliefs.

2) The Mind (Sit of Thoughts and Emotions);
There is a physical side to our existence which involves everything we see, can touch, feel or create. The effect of all these is what we eventually become. It is a popular saying that ” We are Products of what and how we think”. Before we act, our mind goes through a series of thought process, and we dump or retain based on the energy of these thoughts: positive or negative. It is what you choose to think and how you choose to think that produces the kind of thought pattern you would have. Its consistency in your mind eventually make up your choices and decisions, which in turn becomes
your actions and habits.

3)Practice (The Process of Becoming);
The Process of “Becoming” as learned in Mitchelle Obama’s film documentary on her Best Seller “Becoming”, says a lot about the power of consistency. It is seen in habits, character and reactions especially in difficult situations. These series of reactions eventually become your personal story/journey into the future you see and want. You cannot be “Who you are” without them. As far as you exist, something must be said about you no matter how little. So, You might not be able to control circumstances per se, but you can control the effect of those circumstances on you. What people see is the outcome far before they know the cause.

Expectations Vs Realities of adulthood. What is adulthood really about?

We live by our own personal timing. Everyone do not get the chance to see many years after. Some even die before they are born or as teenagers. Whatever the case is, you can start now to seek the right knowledge, understand the prons and cons of navigating your path in life and live it. You cannot live beyond what you know…

Adulthood is adventurous,
Adulthood is hardwork,
Adulthood can be enjoyed.

Every “STAGE” of your life is worth living!!!

Adulthood - Sharonshay