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APC CONVENTION: Bauchi chieftain alleges ‘rape of democracy’, says leadership lacks focus, vision

APC CONVENTION: Bauchi chieftain alleges ‘rape of democracy’, says leadership lacks focus, vision

By Charly Agwam – Bauchi 

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Bauchi gubernatorial aspirant, Al’amin Sani Muhammed has lambasted the leadership of the his party over his dissatisfaction of the outcome of the just concluded APC National Convention.

Al’amin made this known in a statement shared with bestof9ja on Sunday where he urged the new leadership, irrespective of how they emerged, to unite the party and provide purposeful leadership. 

“We are witnessing a theater of the absurd; a glaring and broad day rape of democracy in the name of APC National Convention. Nigerians are witnessing an unprecedented gimmick, where a charade took place in the darkest of the previous night, shameless. 

“Scheemings, deceptions, frauds, coups and counter coups, fixings, coronations and outright brigandage took place the night before and now, in self-deception and delirium, the figure heads are in a self-style performance on a stage in the name of election.

“What is clear is that the government came by accident, there was no plan, no focus no vision. Certainly, this is the bane of the APC government right from the center. Our hopes, expectations and prayers have been to produce formidable leaders that have the people interest on their mind,” he said. 

He however called on the new leadership to shun sentiments and provide enabling environment for all stakeholders to have level playing field in the forthcoming elections. 

“Until APC is ready to face the hard reality that slaps it on the face, it will be too late too soon. The ship of APC has capsized and it is sinking very rapidly. We hope the new leadership will rise above sentiments and hagiography and surprise Nigerians by providing a  purposeful leadership. 

“They should work to provide an enabling environment with a level playing ground so that Nigerians can bid farewell to dictatorship and cannibalism.

“My Clarion call is, the new crop of leaders of the party, irrespective of how they came in, should do the needful and urgently. It is better late than never, and to be warned is to be forearmed,” he warned. 

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