Monday, December 11

Convention: APC national youth leader aspirant mulls support for zoning

APC National Youth Leader aspirant who is 33 years old mulls support for zoning

By Sammy OJ

A national youth leader aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Sufiyan Sahabi, has urged the leadership of his party to consider zoning presidency to the South for equity and fairness in its forthcoming convention. 

The aspiring APC National  Youth Leader said this while speaking with journalists on Wednesday in Bauchi where he also look out for a competent, fair and capable leader to replace President Muhammadu Buhari. 

APC National Youth Leader mull support
APC National Youth Leader mull support

“I am a firm believer in equity and fairness. Even though I know rotational power arrangement is not written in the constitution, I believe that if the majority agree that it should be followed, it is only fair that it is followed. 

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“Ideally, as a people in a country, competence should be our focus but if there exists any feeling of marginalisation which surely exist, then let’s respect the feeling of our fellow countrymen,” he said.

The APC National Youth Leader  further charged the party to give youths leverage to run for offices in the forthcoming elections, while adding the cost of nomination forms should be reduced for youths aspiring for elective offices under the party.  

APC National Youth Leader mull support
APC Convention: Youth leader as

“The nature of our politicking doesn’t favour young people. The finance required to purchase nomination forms and conduct campaigns are not easy to come by. Also, self doubt is rife and a strong limitation for ambitions,” he added. 

In searching for the next leaders of the country, he urged his party to look out for inclusive, pragmatic and a dogged patriot who won’t spare anything to get the country going in the right direction.

“I think the underrepresentation of youth is gross. Nigerian youths have shown that they have the capacity to hold their own at any level in the world, hence it is necessary that they are given more prominent opportunity to contribute to policy making, project delivery and the all round growth of the nation. 

“When we come together and accept that we are all in the same boat and we that we either swim or sink together, we will get the impetus to band together and pull together in a unified voice ready to participate wholly in our developmental journey,” he further stated.

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