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Bauchi’s N7bn monthly allocation goes into payment of wage bill

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By Sammy OJ

Bala Mohammed, the governor of Bauchi State, has stated that the state’s monthly allocation of N7 billion is used to offset the wage bill of the state’s government personnel.

The governor made the statement over the weekend at the Bauchi Government House, when the Christian community paid him Christmas honors.

He bemoaned the fact that after paying salary Eben, there is almost nothing left over for capital projects, as he explained that some staff earn twice monthly remunerations, inflating the monthly wage expenditure.

“We should fear God as Christians and Muslims.” Some people are paid twice as much as others. Allowances are being collected that are not their own. And as you can see, we receive N7 billion from the federal government, but we use it all to pay salaries at the end of the day. Despite this, some people claim they have not been paid. I was not elected with the intention of paying a salary. I’ve been elected to work on initiatives and projects.

“Still, as a civil servant I know obligation to pay salary and that’s why I have been paying. We are making sure we are have been raising our IGR (internally generated revenue) and that is why we are doing all these projects. You can see the brand new Government House here, we are doing it for you, not for me. The issue is that we must build legacies and landmarks,” he said.

Mohammed reminded his Christian audience that if he fails to perform as governor, people will laugh at him because the bulk of them voted for him.

He also stated that his government is working to ensure that no worker is left off the payroll, and that Christians should live in peace with their neighbors.

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