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Best of 9ja is a News blog for breaking news, legit gossip, recruitment information, scholarship, lifestyle tips, relationship talk in Nigeria.


Be a step ahead knowing every event that takes place locally and internationally. Best of 9ja news, entertainment and community blog is the home of legit, fast and accurate info. 


Watch out for our Nigerians in Diaspora page which reports all the juicy events and stories of the Nigerian People in Foreign countries.


Another brand news addition to our News category is the World News. Here, we keeps track and report the progress of world events accurately and fast.

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Our News stories are primarily to inform the public about situations that may affect them locally.


News frequently serves as entertainment, serving as a diversion from situations that individuals cannot access or have little control over. News can also foster a sense of community.


Irrespective of the categories of news, we get tons of viewer seeking for truth. It common to find bloggers who hype topics and events just to get views. Our blog is concerned about telling you the true story, just the way it happened.


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We have our reporters and anonymous news sources who go into deep fact-findings to bring our the contents we rank high for.

Bestof9ja News

Bestof9ja News

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Our definition of a News


News is described as “information that should be reported in the news media regarding recent events or incidents.” But what constitutes newsworthiness?


Five criteria are taken into account by Best of 9ja News when determining if a story is noteworthy, and they are listed below.

When a particular article is up for consideration, an editor will assess how well it satisfies each of these requirements. A tale should typically excel in two or more categories.


Of course, rivalry is a factor. There may be some stories omitted if there are numerous newsworthy stories on a given day.

Time-sensitive news is frequently permanently dropped, while some articles can be postponed until a fresh slot becomes available.

  • Timing: Things that are new are exactly what the name “news” denotes. News that is timely is good news. Since there is constantly new information, consumers

    are accustomed to receiving the most recent updates, and previous news is soon forgotten.

  • Relevance: It matters how many people the narrative affects.

  • Nearness: Stories that occur close to us have greater significance.

  • Presence: Just by virtue of their fame, renowned persons receive more media attention. When you break your arm, it won’t make the news, but when the President of Nigeria does, it makes headlines.

  • Concern for People: The genre of human interest stories is somewhat unique. They regularly flout the fundamental guidelines of newsworthiness.

Bestof9ja News

Today News

The kind of kind News on Bestof9ja News | Best of 9ja News Blog

  • An article that serves as news is one that informs readers about current happenings. Important details (who, what, where, when, why, and how) are reported by the author. Bestof9ja News is dominated by Nigeria News.
  • An article intended to inform readers about recent events is a news analysis. Reporting on current events (today news) while attempting to provide a deeper knowledge of them.
  • Feature Article: Feature articles differ from news pieces in that they frequently focus more on creativity or exploration and less on the effective dissemination of important information.
  • Editorial: A piece of writing that expresses the editorial staff’s opinions but is not signed.
  • A staff columnist’s or a guest columnist’s opinion piece. (If a guest columnist, the writer’s qualifications are almost always stated.)
  • An assessment of a book, film, music, live performance, etc.

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How does Bestof9ja News Contributes to the society in Nigeria and abroad?

Our blog is playing key role in national building, public awareness, community surveillance, job creation and social engagement. 

We fill in the gap between the government and the people, the companies and their customer. We are currently for trends globally when it comes to:

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