Bestof9ja Payment Guidelines

Health and beauty category
Health and beauty category

Hello and welcome to Bestof9ja!

This post is meant to serve as a guide to both Registered and Aspiring users of Bestof9ja Paid Read.

What is Bestof9ja Paid Read all about?

Bestof9ja Paid Read is a payment system designed by Soft-us Technologies in collaboration with Bestof9ja IT Team to reward site visitors and allow them earn even as they read news on our blog.

Who is Eligible to join?

Everyone is eligible to join. We accept registrations from all countries.

How to get started?

  1. Then click on the account page to login with the email address and password you set during the registration.

Now that I have logged in, how do I earn?

There are many ways to earn points on Bestof9ja News.

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  1. Registration: You get 50 points upon registration. So, your starting balance will be 50 points.
  2. Commenting on news posts: You get points for each comment you make on a post.
  3. Watching video: You get massive points when you watch videos to the end
  4. Link Clicking: To start clicking on links, click on the “my account” tab on the menu, select “Paid links” from the drop down list. You get 1 points for each click. There is no limit to the number of clicks.
  5. Liking posts and sharing posts: Liking post is another way of getting points.
  6. Inviting people through your referral link: You get 100 point when the person you invite registers and makes payment on the platform. See Earn with referral page for more details.
  7. Visiting the site frequently: When you visit the site frequently and spend time on the app, you get rewarded with 30 points daily and 1 point each time you login.
  8. In fact, the whole system is designed to reward you for all forms of activities you perform on the site.

How do I check my points

To check your points, all you have to do is to click on the profile icon at the top right corner of your screen. Then click on points to view point balance. See images below:

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When can I withdraw my points as real money

You can request for withdrawal when you reach 1,000 points. Maximum points withdrawal is 5000 points. Anytime your point amount to 1000, you can withdraw. There is no specific time table for withdrawal.

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Can I transfer my points to another user?

Yes! you can transfer points. But ensure you enter the user ID correctly.

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How does Bestof9ja make money to pay us?

We have ads on our site. As you navigate through our site, you may encounter adverts. The revenue we get from these ads is what we share with you. Consider it as a thoughtful way of thanking you for visiting our blog daily.

How do I contact Bestof9ja?

You can reach us on our social media platforms or call/Whatsapp us via (+234) 09026697731.

We advice all users to join our Whatsapp group. Join now

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Can I send News or Contents to Bestof9ja for publication?


Registered users of Bestof9ja can send news/contents to be publish on the blog to or use the blue chat widget button at the bottom right position of the page.
Bestof9ja Chat Button
Bestof9ja Chat Button
This is to create more avenues for Registered users to earn more money while becoming an integral part of Bestof9ja News Blog.
Posting of News to Bestof9ja News Blog will attract a reward of 450 points. The reward will be credited to the user’s points wallet after a thorough check on the content to ascertain originality, quality and usefulness.
Conditions for Post (Content) Approval
1. Post should contain Write up not less than 600 words.
2. Only contents such as News, How-to tips, Entertainment and Sport stories/analysis, Fashion tips/Trends and Relationship tips/advice will be rewarded.
3. Post/Contents should be rich in pictures or videos as it may require.
4. The title should be concise but interesting to read.
5. No form of copy and paste will be entertained.
Register users will be given credit (By line) for their contents.
This provision is subject to more reviews.
Happy earning!
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