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Opinion: Body Positivity and Everything good or bad that comes with it


by Sharonshay
We need to understand that the physique of our human body differs. Therefore, it is natural to have the different kinds of body shape that we see. These days people have really found comfort in body shaming others (as the lame man language puts it).
One day a colleague shared a video with me about a lady that was wearing make-up. This was more like a before and after scenario. Then, she pointed out that the lady’s nose looked very funny using the laugh Emoji. It was a very long one which showed how long and how hard she was laughing. I did not send any response back and she was surprised. She asked me later why I did not respond, and I apologized saying “I did not respond because I cannot laugh over things that people have little or no control over. Apparently, she was laughing about the size and shape of the lady’s nose.
Let’s not forget our music Hero, Michael Jackson who random stories said had attempted different surgeries trying to change different parts of his body that people had talked about especially his facial looks. Asides the fact that it could have been more culturally or environmental, it just brings to our knowledge that it doesn’t matter who the person is, not everyone is so strong enough to handle ridicule, any kind of mockery, and even Sarcasm. There are so many more examples and background stories. Don’t be suprised that most of our celebrities who had worked on any part of their body must have shared similar experiences… I am not saying it’s so, but we do not know. Not everyone would have the courage to say it. It is also possible that they do it for enhancement just like the way we wear make-up to enhance our looks.



When we truly want to help, we find solutions. You don’t point out problems without solutions and say “I am just trying to help you, you should do something about yourself”. It can cause both psychological and emotional damage. Before you decide you can even do something, respect them for the way they are, the choices or decisions they make. So, it’s not just about the good intentions. How you show it and how you say it also matters a lot.
    We should encourage people more on how to embrace and appreciate everything about themselves, because it is very important how they see themselves before they decide there is something that has to be changed. It is just as important as the food we eat everyday. The way we define “Beauty” would say a lot, which basically has the tendency of affecting every other aspect of our lives.
    When people want to enhance their looks in anyway, they can do it. Its their own choice anyway. We should all just make sure that our MOTIVE is in check. The way you love yourself, you can easily share that love towards others, and not be judgmental most or all of the time. It is also possible that there is something you don’t like about yourself that’s why you Body Shame, or better still you think you are perfect. No one is perfect and perfection is never defined by looks/appearance.
   Fashion embraces all forms of figures, shapes and facial looks. It also gives room for “the changes” if need be. It allows you be what you want, however you want it. Remember that you only look your best, and can be your best when you embrace your personal style, and feelings about what you think is fashionable for you. I encourage decency most times because I feel that it brings a lot of class and worth to the person who wears, just as it speaks a whole lot to the person who sees.
I use to be a body shamer, trust me? but I learnt to accept, appreciate and respect people for who and how they are if I truly claimed that I loved them.
Work everyday on making yourself realize that truly”You are beautiful as you are without feeling sorry about it”. Its always about the mindset. When you can change that, you change everything else and then you able to make the right choices.
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