Friday, November 3

Body shaming: Woman gets insulted severally because of her saggy boobs

Body shaming story of a beautiful young woman

A black and beautiful Nigerian Woman body shamed has cried out in a video about the body shaming she goes through on regular basis.

Body shaming means deriding or mocking a person’s physical appearance.

According to her, people laugh and abuse her because of her saggy breasts that falls to her stomach level.

I was born this way. My boobs reaches my stomach level. If there is anyway we can change our look, I would have done it

Woman criticized for her boobs

“I have been in and out of depression so many times. In Nigeria, people insult me every time” she says.

Its really sad that human beings would tongue lash fellow humans this much, forcing people to go into depression.

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Woman body shamed

Body shaming

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