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Boss Mustapha: A patriot worthy of emulation in Northern Nigeria

Boss Mustapha is a patriot worthy of note in Northern Nigeria

By Tom Garba

I love Boss Mustapha for who he is, a public-spirited and a nationalist worthy of note whose love for the country is second to none. A one-man whose patriotism to Nigeria is what he vouches to die for. Boss Mustapha Gidahyel, the serving secretary to the government of the federation (SGF) stands it out, standing tall as the light bearer leader shining brightly amidst daunting challenges of nation-building.

I consider this Man a legend of truth to selfless service in the country and worthy of note in Northern Nigeria. He is a perfect example of a nationalist, a leader with an iota of truth and hard work. Some call him a workaholic SGF, some say is the engine room and brain box of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. My view on this noble Nigerian is one Nigerian with the sense and indelible mark of honesty, a Man whose forthrightness distinguishes him a special breed for the nation. He is a blessing to Nigeria and humankind. This I know that wherever you place him to work, he perfectly delivers with crowning efforts of success.

Boss Mustapha
Boss Mustapha


I write this epistle of mine not to sing the praises of this noble Man as the traditions of many to gain acceptance. I barely meet him one on one, I’m not sure he knows and can facially Identify me, but I write to appreciate him for making himself a brand of goodness and excellent work to Nigerians. I write to tell him is the Youth role model that in Nigeria, we can still in reality good Men, and good leaders abound anywhere.

Sir, in your office as SGF of the most populated African country with huge diversity along with ethnicities and sharp differences in culture and tradition of many people. A country full of religiosity and vast interests by the political class to access the seat of power, you run an office of a country with different parts, regions, and groups clamoring for one interest of the other yet you remain focused, truthful, and almost working twenty-four hours to serve the nation. This is where and how I see you as a great man that needs to be celebrated. Congratulations Sir despite the tedious work you see 2022 in good health and fit to serve well the nation you believe in its corporate existence.

I know this your overarching goal of 2022 and beyond is to have the country in a peaceful manner void of economic downturns and overcome the scourges of insecurity in the forms of Boko Haram, ISWAP, bandits, kidnappers, and whatnot. With full talents and abilities God has endowed you with, thus, I see God being glorified and you are becoming a greater blessing to humanity, Nigeria, and the North especially.

One of the virtues you owned that endear me to you is your humility and the rapt, listening ability you have to everyone around you, you speak the truth and try to do the right through God’s enabling Grace in you at all times. Boss Sir, I watch you showing respect to all and despise none, you always strengthen the weak and fight for the powerless and defenseless. I like the reading culture in you, you talk less but give out great impact results by acting much more, fast on targets on results-oriented government policies for the nation’s sake. This is why I call you my legend. A patriotic Nigerian is worthy of note.

As a politician who is actively participating in political party activities, my observation of you is that you are always objective in the selection process where the best candidates across all levels can emerge. You believe incompetent politicians are agents of development who would use the commonwealth to build humanity.

As the Chairman Nigeria’s task force committee on covid 19, with dexterity staunch zeal you are facing the monster with your gallant committee members. You are never tired of informing Nigerians of the battle against the pandemic, you left no stone unturned, you never sleep in facing the mountain confronting every nation of the world. It’s a global pandemic but you are resolute in fighting it to a halt. No wonder Nigeria is recording a less mortality rate of the dreaded virus.

Thank you Mr. President for making this man a vessel unto honor. He is making the difference more especially, in both the SGF office and chairman of covid 19 is a succinct song of we will one day overcome and the story will certainly be told that there was a man who helps us how we overcame.

Over three decades ago, I know you with principles of fairness when it comes to political decisions, even Politicians bribe party delegates to get nominated regardless of the method of primaries employed but yours is different, you always harp on the credibility and sellability of party candidates. You don’t believe in errand boys lacking oodles wherewithal but bribe their ways with money, vying for political positions to serve the purpose of their bosses instead of poor citizens when they get elected.

If I may ask, are our leaders fair to poor Nigerians? If the answer is “No” but I have the affirmative answer of saying a “Yes” because I have seen Boss Mustapha as one of the worthy Son of Adamawa being fair to Nigerians as the SGF and a political national stakeholder of All Progressives Congress (APC).

On my part, I’ll join like minds who still believe there one hundred and one Boss in many parts of the country who are willing to set a new part for the nation to grow, who are ever willing like Boss Mustapha to take Nigeria out of the woods. To support and see the emergence of patriotic Nigerians with no records of stealing and consign shameless thieves salvage us all.

For me, Barrister Boss Mustapha, the SGF has earned it all a good leader. A role model and a Nigerian helping in garnishing the corporate image of the country in the community of the World. May 2022 be your best year ever as you serve the nation.

God bless Nigeria
God bless Boss Mustapha

Tom Garba, FIMC, FBDFM
A Journalist wrote this from Yola
Adamawa State

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