Wednesday, November 29

Charcoal business banned in Nasarawa, residents to avoid charcoal use

The government of Nasarawa has banned charcoal not considering the rise in the price of cooking gas. Charcoal business have also been banned.


To safeguard the environment, the Nasarawa State Government has banned the usage and sale of charcoal in the state.


Mr Aliyu Agwai, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, said this at a press conference in Lafia over the weekend.


He claims that the process of making charcoal is hazardous to the environment, claiming that it has the potential to ruin the climate and accelerate global warming.


The Permanent Secretary pointed out that burning charcoal, in particular, emits dangerous emissions that could endanger residents’ health.


“Cutting trees can result in the loss of habitat for animal species, which can harm the ecosystems.

“Almost all the land animals and plants live in forests and many cannot survive the deforestation that destroys their homes,” he added.

He warned those selling and using charcoal to desist to avoid prosecution.

Bestof9ja reports that the development is coming amid hike in cooking gas which has forced many Nigerians to the use of charcoal as an alternative.


It has been observed that the price of 12.5 kg which was hitherto sold for N6,000 currently stands at N8,500 and above. There is also fear that the price will skyrocket further during the yuletide.


People fear that other state government may adopt this ban. Reactions to this ban on charcoal business has shown that residents of Nasarawa state may experience untold hardship drastic steps are not taken to balance the effects of the ban.


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