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Earn above 5k daily with these simple steps on Cowrywise

Earn above 5k daily with these simple steps

Hello! My name is Sammy OJ, a blogger and an IT professional. If you are like me who loves making tons of money from the digital space, you would thank me for this post. I will be exposing few and simple steps to earn above 5k (Five thousand Naira) daily without stress.

What is Cowrywise?

For those who have not heard about Cowrywise (It will be surprising if you have not, it is super popular).

Cowrywise is a Savings and Investment Platform. I will like to emphasize that there are a bunch of Saving and investment platforms out there. But I recommend Cowrywise above every other.

It makes it easier to save and invest. Cowrywise’s automatic and user-friendly platform eliminates the stress and planning required to save and invest on a regular basis. Your funds earn interest until they reach a predetermined maturity date which you will set. It have an automated halal savings option for Muslims who only want to save without earning interest.

Why Cowrywise is the Best Savings and Investment Agency?

Like I said earlier, I recommend Cowrywise for anyone or business who want invest or save funds and earn mouth-watering interests.

Let me use this opportunity to state that I am not a staff of Cowrywise, Cowrywise does not know me and I am not affiliated to Cowrywise in any way.

That being said, lets talk about why Cowrywise is the best amongst the likes of Opay, FairMoney etc.

  1. Cowrywise Financial Technology Limited (“Cowrywise”) is a Nigerian fund manager with a license from the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  2. The Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria’s Debt Management Office (DMO), and a few low-risk investment alternatives such as corporate bonds and high-quality commercial papers are where they put customers’ money. Customers benefit from these cost savings in the form of increased returns.
  3. Critical customer data is encrypted and securely stored.
  4. It has multiple security and safety layers embedded in their system.
  5. You can start your saving plans with as low as ₦100 (One hundred Naira). There is no limit to what you can save.
  6. You can pause your savings
  7. You get very high interest on your money.
  8. You can automate your savings and worry less about the process. It does the work for you.
  9. You can do a joint saving with your friends and family.
  10. You can join a savings competition to motivate you to save more.
  11. It is Mobile phone and computer friendly.

How to get started on Cowrywise

For more ease with savings and tracking your funds as they grow daily, use the mobile app which you can download with the download button below. Alternatively, you can search for “Cowrywise savings app” on google play store

To use your Laptop or Desktop computer which provides you an amazing user experience, click on the “Start saving now” button below.

After clicking on any of the buttons above, you will be directed to an Account creation page page like this one below:

Earn above 5k daily on Cowrywise
Get your first N1,000 from Sammy OJ

Step 1: Enter your email address in the field provided. They will send a verification link to your mail. Login to your mail and click on Cowrywise link to activate your saving account.

Step 2: After clicking on the link to activate your account, you will required to enter your name and set your account password.

Earn above 5k daily on Cowrywise
How to Earn above 5k daily

Step 3: Setup your username

Earn above 5k daily
How to Earn above 5k daily

Step 4: Log in/Sign in and your are done with registration. Now its time to start making money.

How to start earning above 5k daily through referral

Apart from the 1k you get after registration, you can make far above 5k on a daily basis even if you are not great at convincing people for referral purpose. I will share these simple steps with you, so follow closely.

Step 5: After you login into your Dashboard, create your transaction pin to enable you withdraw or transfer your money to any destination of your choice as at when due. You can also change your pin whenever by clicking the menu located at the left top of your screen . See image below for guidance.


Step 6: Locate the referral option of the menu at the top left corner of your dashboard. Share the referral link with your friends, family, groups and with anyone. Once they register and start saving with at least N500, you earn N1,000 per registration. Isn’t that AWESOME?

Before now, referral payment was pegged at N250. Now you can make N1,000 per referral.

And this sweet thing, I have done all the talking, explaining and research for you. If they get confused while doing the registration. Just share this post with them using any of the social media share buttons below or simply copy the url from your address bar.

All the best!

Sammy OJ

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