Monday, December 11

Emmanuel Udom: Favorite choice for Nigeria President come 2023 election




Comrd. Victor A. Eruvbedede


If you love Nigeria, you will love the Executive governor of Akwa Ibom state.

If you are patriotic and seek good Leadership in Nigeria, you will seek Emmanuel Udom of Akwa Ibom presidency to rescue Nigeria as favorite choice for president come 2023.

Emmanuel Udom: Favorite choice for Nigeria President come 2023 election

Gov. Emmanuel Udom left Zenith Bank to join politics, his achievement has proven, he came to serve.

Thank God for the people of Akwa Ibom for recognizing such character and leadership qualities to stand for him against all odds to defend the future of their State, today, Akwa Ibom is almost overtaking Lagos. In the nearest future, there will be no unemployment or poverty even if Nigeria becomes the capital city of poverty in the world.

The only 3 State who have no godfathesrs in the south, are Akwa Ibom, Rivers, and Edo, they are the best performing governors in the zone.

When I see a visionary leader, I know, not those dealers you call leaders bcos their past and the people around them will give me insight to judge their direction and capacity. All the looters and corrupt people cannot be around you and except me to believe you have something to offer.

The leadership style of Emmanuel is the productive and non godfatherism type which Nigeria need, to stimulate all sector of the Nigeria economy.

Akwa Ibom is the first industrial State in this present Nigeria, it has started exportation of Nigeria product to out side world, Akwa Ibom industrialization will course a fall in dollar exchange rate in Nigeria in due course.

Akwa Ibom public schools are the best in Nigeria, they have won several awards within and outside Nigeria. He gave free education from primary to secondary with WAEC paid for.

He refuse to run government that is only receiving from Abuja to share, he is running a government that will provide for itself and his people.

This is the spirit of a business man who see governance as a business and must make profit to settle its bills.

He has lead Akwa Ibom on the road of prosperity, not the kind of paper prosperity agenda we hear, even when his tenure expires.

Ibom air is the best in Nigeria today, he will soon role out Ibom mottors, he is building rail system in his state. The only state in Nigeria to have 10 lane road.

Gov. Emmanuel Udom is a perfect confirmation of the ideology that, leadership comes in individual not in party.

We of the Berekete family, the largest family in the world under the leadership of Amed Isa, the Ordinary president of the ordinary citizens of Nigeria call on all Nigerian to group and gather support for this man, His Excellency, Emmanuel Gabriel Udom the governor of Akwa Ibom State to rescue Nigeria as President.


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