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Fashion 101: Fashion Etiquettes for mind-blowing looks

I trust you’re having a good week? The heat is immense? but I am positive we can persevere through the season?.
Today, we are exploring FASHION ETIQUETTES.

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Firstly, What are Etiquettes?
Etiquettes help us behave in a socially responsible way. It brings respect, trust and appreciation from people.

What are Fashion Etiquettes?

Fashion Etiquettes basically involves our appearance. There is a popular idea about dressing that says “You are addressed by how you dress”. Ninety Percent of the time, that saying comes to play.

People unconsciously judge your looks especially for the first time. It can positively or negatively create a lasting impression. In Secondary School, I had an experience.

I was to write an exam, and the location of the exam centre was outside the school premises. When I got there, I was mistaken for one of the supervisors. I had worn a corporate shirt and jean.

I am very sure this happened because my physique, the way I was dressed, and the Identification card I placed around my neck. I looked very smart in my outfit?

It was after they had given me the light refreshment bought for the supervisors, that they realised I came in to write the exam. I did not give them back o??

So, I guess I can say that our appearance can have a great effect on people. It has the power to set moods, create lasting impression or inspire people one way or another.

Fashion 101: Introduction to Fashion Etiquettes
Fashion 101: The introduction to Fashion Etiquettes

Here are some basic Fashion Etiquettes we should always have in mind;

  • 1) Dress for yourself

It is great to follow trends ; purchasing seasonal items, but what is popular would not always work for you. Our body physique or shape, skin tone, and taste differ. Therefore, we should always choose whatsoever is the right fit.

  • 2)Avoid Colour over-kill/Over match

There is a thin line between a good colour combo and colours that just keep shouting for attention. Watch videos or study colour charts that
can help you match your colours the right way.

  • 3)Too much sparkle/Shine.

The goal is always to look radiant and not radiate as Tatler blog would say.You can still look good without the abuse of glitters in your dressing.

  • 4)Be mindful of how you wear your labels

Except you want to show off about how expensive your cloth/clothing accessories is, Your self worth is not hinged on what you wear. Don’t wear a Gucci Shirt, then a Dior pants, and a Fendi head wrap, cap, e.t.c. Take it one at a time.

  • 5) Dress appropriately for the weather

Don’t be adamant about wearing clothes that suit for a particular season. The weather can affect you if the clothes you wear is not right for the season. It can be very discomforting.

Right now, the heat ain’t giving us a chance at all. So, go with lighter fabrics this season so that you can have a more cooling effect.

Fabrics like Cotton, linen, silk or chiffon. Reduce how often you wear your Denim(jeans) this season. They produce more heat and can make you itch very often.

  • 6)Dress appropriately for the occasion

Hong Kong Tatler says ” There is no excuse for Jeans at a ball, but it’s equally bad form to overdress at a casual dinner”.

Always consider that your host or guest might feel disrespected or that what you have worn might create a feel of importance to yourself than everyone else.

Fashion Etiquettes
Fashion 101: Introduction to Fashion Etiquettes

This also extends to what you wear to work, business meetings, school, church, dinner parties or even when you going on a trip.

Start to learn what to wear, and how you can match your outfits for different occasions. Also, Know when to break the rules.

  • 7) Iron your clothes

This can never be over-emphasized. A rumbled look makes you look rough and irresponsible. Ironing your clothes also reflects how much you value yourself and want to be respected. So, take out time to stretch your outfits before or ahead of an outing.

  • 8) Know your size.

There is nothing more embarrassing than when you wear an oversized or undersized clothing/ clothing accessory. It could cause pain for you or make you sloppy or frumpy.

Be sure about your size, and make sure that what you have is the right fit. It makes you feel confident, and very comfortable.

Remember, your dressing/appearance has a language. It says a lot about who you are. Practise makes great progress so start today to act on these steps.

Enjoy the rest of your week

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