Best free WordPress plugins combination to improve Site Speed 100% for high Ranking

increase site speed using free wordpress plugins

increase site speed using free wordpress plugins

Free speed plugins combination to improve Site Speed

I will start by welcoming you to tech week on Bestof9a News where we share mind blowing free hacks. Ensure you click on the notification bell at the bottom right of your screen. Today, you will get the Best WordPress speed plugin combination for 100% Site Speed.

So many publishers of news, blogger (irrespective of niche) and site owners have been found it difficult to rank high on google except they pay enormously for premium plugin which promises faster page speed.

Page speed is so important to google and a lot of times, sites fall below the speed bench set by Google’s algorithm.

Let us go straight to the solution. A lot of site owners speed thousands of dollars for page speed plugins that doesn’t still satisfy the ranking needs. We are giving you this for free.

What causes low site speed

or some person may ask;

why is my site page speed slow

increase site speed with free wordpress

The solution to this problem is here. If you have tried wordpress speed optimization without plugin, then pay close attention.

Once you are aware of how your site is currently performing, you may begin to optimize the major elements that affect site speed. Let’s examine few of the most typical issues that cause websites to load slowly and talk about how to fix them.

  • JavaScript Render-Blocking Is Delaying Loading Time

increase site speed without amp

JavaScript is the programming that enables users to interact with and utilize your website. Your website would be really boring without it. JavaScript, however, might cause delays when your pages attempt to load in consumers’ browsers if it is not optimized.

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  • You do not make use of a content delivery network (CDN)

increase site speed without amp | Source: Optin Monster

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is made up of a number of servers positioned in key geographic areas. They can be used to keep copies of your website so that people who are far from your main server can rapidly load its pages.

Many CDN alternatives are available for your WordPress website. One of the most well-known options is Cloudflare, together with the Jetpack CDN for photos and videos.

  • Your database has an excessive amount of overhead

Use free wordpress plugins to prevent database overload

Logs, transients, and other entries from plugins or themes can accumulate over time, and these extraneous items are referred to as “overhead” in the database of your website. Database searches may take longer than they need to if there is too much of this “overhead.” It may even result in your web server timing out while awaiting a response from your database in some circumstances.

  • The CSS on Your Site Isn’t Optimized

Get the CSS Optimized with free wordpress plugins

Caching is the process through which browsers save copies of your website’s static files. The cached data will then be displayed by users’ browsers rather than having to reload it when they access your website.

  • Loading Times Are Growing Longer Due to Large Media Files

Loading Times Are Growing Slower Due to Large Media Files
Images and films are examples of media files that might be quite huge. Compression-based optimization can help to reduce their size and, as a result, speed up your loading times.

  • Plugins Are Slowing Down Your Website

Increase site speed by reducing non-essential plugins

Too many plugins, or even just a couple that are very large, might slow down your website’s speed. To reduce the likelihood that this will occur, it is a good idea to always entirely uninstall any plugins you are not using.

Common Solutions to slow site/low site page speed

  • Install a caching plugin for WordPress | wp super minify

Increase site speed with cache plugins for wordpress

Pages on WordPress are “dynamic.” This indicates that they are created when the user navigates through a post or page on your website.

WordPress must go out a procedure to get the necessary data, put it all together, and then display it to the user in order to develop your pages.

This procedure has numerous steps, which might significantly slow down your website when numerous users are accessing it simultaneously.

We advise using a cache plugin on every WordPress website because of this. Your WordPress site could become up to 5 times faster using caching.

Commonly used WordPress Cache plugins are:

  1. WP Super Cache
  2. W3 Total Cache
  3. WP Smushit
  4. WP Optimize
  5. Rocket Lazy Load
  6. Short Pixel Adaptive Images
  7. Autoptimize
  8. Cache Enabler
  9. WP Super Minify
  10. WP Rocket

Click on any of the cache plugins outlined above to get more information and see how it suits you needs.

  • Speed Up Image Processing

speeding up picture processing images give your content personality and increase engagement. According to studies, utilising colourful images increases readers’ likelihood of your content by 80%.

But if your images aren’t optimised, they might do more harm than good. In fact, one of the most prevalent speed problems we observe on new websites is poorly optimised graphics.

We advise using photo editing software to prepare your images for the web before uploading them directly from your phone or camera.

These images can have enormous file sizes in their native versions. However, you can reduce the size of your image dependent on the image file format and the compression you use in your editing programme.

  • Improve background operations

Tasks that are scheduled to execute in the background of your WordPress site are known as background processes. Here are a few instances of background processes that operate on a WordPress website:

  1. Work of the WordPress Backup plugin
  2. Scheduled posts are published by WordPress cron tasks.
  3. Cron tasks for WordPress that check for updates

The performance of websites is little impacted by tasks like cron jobs for scheduled posts and updates and other crawlers seeking to fetch content.

However, additional background tasks like backup plugins and overzealous search engine crawling might make a website load slowly.

You must make sure that WordPress backup plugins only operate when there is little traffic on your website. Additionally, you must modify the frequency of data backups.

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  • Make use of excerpts on the homepage and archives

WordPress by default shows the entire contents of every article on your homepage and archives. As a result, it will take longer for your homepage, categories, tags, and other archive pages to load.

The fact that readers do not feel the need to view the original article when full articles are displayed on these pages is another drawback. This may result in fewer pageviews and shorter user sessions on your website.

You can configure your website to display extracts rather than the whole material in order to reduce the amount of time it takes for archive pages to load.

Instead of choosing “Full Text,” go to Settings » Reading and choose “For each article in a feed, show: Summary.”

  • Make use of a content delivery network (CDN)

Recall how we said before that people from various locations can have varying loading times on your site?

That’s because your site’s loading time may be impacted by the location of your web hosting servers.

Consider the case where your web hosting provider has servers located in the US. An American visitor will often have quicker loading times than an Indian visitor.

All of your visitors’ loading times can be sped up by using a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

A network of servers located all around the world makes up a CDN. The “static” files that make up your website will be kept on each server.

Unlike your WordPress pages, which are “dynamic,” as previously said, these static files contain unchanging files like pictures, CSS, and JavaScript.

When a visitor visits your website, they are sent those static files from whichever server is nearest to them when you use a CDN. Due to the CDN’s heavy lifting, your own web hosting server will also be quicker.

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  • Avoid directly uploading audio or video files to WordPress

Use online video hosting sites such as YouTube.

Your WordPress site will automatically show music and video files in an HTML5 player when you submit them directly…

You should never, however, do that!

You will pay for bandwidth if you host audio and video. Even if your plan provides “unlimited” bandwidth, your web hosting firm could charge you overage fees or even shut down your website entirely.

Hosting huge media assets significantly expands the size of your backups and makes it challenging to restore WordPress from a backup.

Use an audio and video hosting service instead, such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, etc., and let them do the labor-intensive tasks.

  • Use a super – fast theme

Select a theme that is fast.

Speed optimization should be a top priority when choosing a theme for your website. Some themes that look stunning and impressive are actually badly coded and can significantly slow down your website.

A simpler theme is typically preferable to one that is overstuffed with intricate layouts, eye-catching animations, and other superfluous elements. You can always use top-notch WordPress plugins to add those functionalities.

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  • Use AMP-compatible and faster plugins

Pick Plugins for your Website that are Faster
No matter if your website need it or not, poorly coded WordPress plugins frequently load too much bloat. Your site will load pages more slowly as a result.

We frequently provide our professional selection of the finest WordPress plugin showcases to assist you in making the best plugin choice. We place a premium on performance but also pay close attention to usability and user experience.

The Secret WordPress speed optimization plugin free combination | Improve site speed to 100%

Getting speed booster plugin wordpress for WordPress sites has been a hard nut to crack. Some many sites are victims of poor site speed including the top ranker site in your niche.

Our free WordPress plugin combination Improve site speed and eliminate factors that slows your site down.

And I can assure that the big bucks they pay does not give them this awesome site speed of 80 – 100% on free plugins.

Benefits of using this free WordPress plugin combination to improve site speed

  1. It is completely Free. You use free WordPress plugins to improve site speed up to 100%
  2. It doesn’t prevent your from using your desired plugins which gives you site functionality and good user experience.
  3. Your site as safe as ever
  4. You are likely using these plugins already. So you just have to configure them properly
  5. You do not need a developer to help. Even a 2 year old can switch buttons on and off
  6. You start ranking higher than your competitions
  7. They are SEO experts available to mentor you till you have everything under control
  8. You can spread the good news to other site owner paying for premium plugins to improve site speed.

List of the free plugins you must have to attain the 100% page speed score

Feel free to continue with your current plugins, just ensure you have these plugins.

  1. Jetpack: This plugin performs lot of functions and helps WordPress user with outstanding functionalities. For the sake of this combination to increase site speed, this plugin should be disabled for site accelerator functions and CDN functions.
  2. Advanced Ads Plugin: This should be used to insert ads (Google ads, ads from other networks or personal ads). The benefit of using this is that it helps to keep your adsense account connected to your site.
  3. Flying script: This is a plugin used for delay scripts load time to help increase site speed
  4. Updraft Plus: This is a backup plugin. If you are using any other plugin for backup already, there no need to change it.
  5. Litespeed Cache Plugin: This plugin is highly recommended if you to improve site speed using our free method.

Recommended Themes

  1. Astra (Suitable for any site)
  2. Short News (Suitable for News sites)
  3. Customify
  4. Mesmerize

Please feel free to search for other themes with free versions. Click here to super fast WordPress themes.

Note: The lesser the number of non-essential themes and plugins installed gives greater chances of hitting 100% page speed score on mobile and desktop.

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