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2023: General Nnaa, others champions The Nigeria Agenda

Nigeria Agenda: General Nnaa and others support the Agenda in 2023.



Kingsley Suaka Nnaa, a retired Nigerian Army General, has pledged to fight for the success of The Nigeria Agenda by spreading ideals that will foster unity and citizen-driven development in the country.

On Monday, February 14, 2022, General Nnaa (rtd) made this announcement at the South-South zonal inauguration of The Nigeria Agenda in Port Harcourt.

National cohesiveness, togetherness, and unity, according to Nnaa, are essential factors for national growth and development.

“The largest threatening element to the nation’s cohesion are religion and ethnicity, with the political class often leveraging these dividing sentiments to garner the sympathy of the people,” Nnaa stated, referring to the polarizing impacts of ethnicity and religion.

Gen. Nnaa support The Nigeria Agenda
Gen. Nnaa support The Nigeria

In a same spirit, Chief Sam Jaja, an elder statesman and APC chieftain, said it was past time for Nigerians to abandon their proclivity for viewing politics through the lens of ethnicity and religion.

“We have been on this harmful path of ethnic and religious biases long before and since our country’s independence, and it has stifled our nation’s growth and development in many ways. As a society, we must alter our perceptions of one another and how we assess the qualities of those who lead us. Supporting candidates for political office should not be based on ethnicity or religion.”

In his remarks during the unveiling of The Nigeria Agenda, the Group’s Convener, Alhaji Ahmad Sajoh, maintained that no portion of Nigeria is unimportant to the country’s well-being and survival. This, he said, emphasized the need of all Nigerians being included in the Nigerian enterprise.

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“We are all members of a greater Nigerian family, and as individual citizens, we must play our part in maintaining the fabric that binds us together as a people with a common vision and a desire to make Nigeria a great country.” While a multiplicity of people and organizations are orchestrating regional agendas such as the Southwest Agenda, the North-East Agenda, and others, it is evident that Nigeria has abandoned the scheme of things. This is one reason we decided to speak for Nigeria.

Niyi Akinsiju, the Chief Advocate of The Nigeria Agenda, spoke during the advocacy launch, urging Nigerians to avoid sentimental divisions that destroy the foundations of our oneness.

“We must rise above the base feelings that continue to hold us back, and we must be skeptical of politicians who want to exploit these sentiments by sowing seeds of dissension and division among the people in order to corner and secure political power.”

Julius Ogunro, a consultant for The Nigeria Agenda, regarded Nigeria as a potentially great country with solvable difficulties, and suggested that the country’s progress is hampered by a lack of leadership.

“The most solitary and crucial component in shifting Nigerian narratives is leadership. As we approach 2023, people must develop capacity to recognize and support the proper kind of leaders.” He stated his case.

Chief Jerry Nwohu, National Leader and Chief Mobiliser of the National Prosperity Movement, one of the Civil Society Organizations that adopted The Nigeria Agenda’s advocacy template, said his group would mobilize at the grassroots to ensure that the ideals of The Nigeria Agenda are imparted to the masses so that they can own the values inherent in The Nigeria Agenda.

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