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Gospel singer Sammie Okposo admits to adultery, begs for forgiveness publicly

Gospel singer Sammie Okposo admits to adultery, begs for forgiveness

After confessing to cheating on his wife with another lady, gospel singer Sammie Okposo apologized publically to his wife, family, friends, and fans.

The well-known singer apologized on his verified Instagram page and Instagram story.

“I need to bring to your attention a very sad situation,” he said. “I am not proud of it, but I know it is the correct thing to do.”

“On my latest trip to the United States (late 2021), I became intimately connected with a lady, despite the fact that I was married and a minister of the gospel.

“I am embarrassed of my actions and regret them because they have brought a lot of sorrow to my lovely wife, Ozioma, and my family.”

“As I work toward making peace with God, repenting and begging for His forgiveness, I am pausing all ministry activities until full restoration as this is proper and what I believe I owe God and His people,” he continued.

“To Ozioma, my bride. I apologize profusely for putting you in this humiliating and humiliating predicament. I betrayed your trust and let you down.

“I value your pardon for my moral failings and poor judgment. Every day for the rest of my life, I pray that I will be able to reclaim my faith and confidence.

“I’d want to take this opportunity to apologize for my actions and moral failure to all Fathers and Mothers of the Faith and ministers of the Gospel.” If it weren’t for your investment and faith in what God has called me to do, I wouldn’t be here. I apologize profusely for this humiliating incident.

“I apologize to everyone who has been a part of my ministry, followed my ministry, or knows me personally for failing you. I apologize for whatever sorrow or disappointment that this news of my moral failing and poor judgment has caused you, and I am really sorry. I respectfully request that you keep praying for me.”

Gospel singer Sammie Okposo admits to adultery, begs for forgiveness

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