How to know when to quit business and get a job

How to know when to quit business

A major challenge for most persons is their inability to factor the right time to quit. Here is a personal experience by Adewrites.

What I am about to share with you might save you from your own mistakes

It is a personal experience, it is what I learnt the hard way because I was following motivational speakers.

I will break it down for you.

How to know when to quit business
How to know when to quit business

But have it at the back of your mind that business is not for you as you are right now, you need to get a job.

But before I tell you, let me tell you a story.

After my service year, I tried couple of businesses.




Let me tell you about the poultry

I had broilers but had no customers, my poultry was located in Oyo town, I transported them to Ibadan to look for customers.

The transportation was another story I hate remembering because it got to a stage that I was running after fowls on the road when they broke out.

We got to Ibadan and my friends came to my rescue.

They bought it for Christmas.

It was a bad decision to start a business without getting a market first, it doesn’t always end well.

After sales, I lost money.

Moving to Ibadan, I had no space to start poultry and had no resources. I gave up and started laundry business. A one man business.

I bought a washing machine and I do the ironing. People started giving me their clothes to wash, and when I thought it would be smooth from there, factors started setting in.

Power failure to iron which led to disappointing customers, I couldn’t afford a house that has a running water, so I wake up everyday to fetch water up stairs where I lived.

I didn’t have money for generator that could power the iron and the washing machine.

Business started suffering.

It crashed.

It was the dead end.

I gave up.

At that point I realised that business was not what I needed, all I needed was a job.

People started telling me not to give up, lagbaja started her canteen with one onion, now she has an eatery, tamedo started her supermarket with one sweet, now she owns a mall.

*How to know when to quit business

They didn’t know the story behind their success stories, those people will come out here and motivate you with unrealistic theories.

They won’t tell you how they got there.

I quit and got myself a job.

And this will lead me to what I am about telling you if you want to start a business.

If you want to start a business because you want to be making profit and you don’t have a strong supporting pillar, please perish that idea, get a job instead because entrepreneurship isn’t about making instant money.

*How to know when to quit business

Dangote didn’t start like you, he was given 500k when it looked like 5 million to start a business.

Not only that, his family was rich, and they used their influence to help grow his business.

I made a lot of mistakes, mistakes I should have learnt about before going into starting a business.

*How to know when to quit business

I had no driver which is money, I had no plan, I had no reliable market, I had no resources, I had no supporting pillars.

All I had in my head was motivational quotes and it pushed me Into it.

If you are in the same condition I was then I would gladly tell you to get a job because business isn’t for you yet.

*How to know when to quit business

An unsaturated cup will only consume more water, if you are still hungry, you can’t run a business, you will ruin it.

But if you are 70% contented with living and you have extra cash, you can start a business.

If you think business is all about making instant money, get a job.

Even after starting a business, it is advisable to have another source of income to brace yourself.

Have this at the back of your mind.

Credit: Adewrites | P9 Facebook

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