Monday, December 11

I feel severe pain from Anal sex – Newly Married Lady Cries Out.

“I’m Seriously In Pain, My Husband Sleeps With Me From My Anus” – Newly Married Lady Cries Out.

A lady who pleaded to remain anonymous has come out to expose pains and seek for advice.

I am a newly married woman. Right from the first day of my marriage (honeymoon) till now, my husband have been having s*x with me through the anus.

I have been in serious pains so I went to the hospital and the doctor told me that if I continue, it could to my death. I told my husband about it but he refused, he said he enjoys anal s*x more and he also thre@atened to go out to have it lit with other women if I refuse to give him.

I don’t want my husband to go outside but my whole anus is swollen and very painful, even to go to toilet is war, I can spend upto 3hrs in the toilet.

“Pls how do I make my husband understand that this anal s*x is bad for my health because he seems not to care.”

Abeg if you have any advise give her in the comment section ?.