Monday, December 11

JUTH Staff Celebrates Exit of CMD

It was funfare and Celebration at the Permanent Site of Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) as the Former Chief Medical Director of Jos University Hospital,Professor Edward Bwanwat, bowed out from office. Bwanwat who served for two terms of eight Years.

The JOHESSU staff of the Hospital took to the major roads as well as nooks and crannies of the hospital to celebrate the exit of the former CMD, speaking to the press, secretary of JOHESSU, JUTH branch.

Comrade David Atu said they are very elated because the end of evil reign of 8 years has ended and we can now breath fresh air, during his reign,staff welfare was not prioritized.


Before now, there was Christmas bonus that was always given to the staff at the end of the year and there was also renting block that staff were entitled to but were all jitisoned during his administration, up till now we have not been paid our salaries, there is no consumables in the hospital, CT scanned and MRI machines are both malfunctioning currently in the hospital and patients are always referred to Bauchi for scanning.

According to him,we are happy today because the man has finally gone.
Also speaking,Chairman of JUTH branch of JOHESSU, Comrade Adams Ebuga said their Efforts last yielded results.


Four years that our members were teargased now the CMD is no more in office, anybody that will emmerged as CMD should first seek the wisdom from God not to towed the path of Bwanwat, Because the Bibles says when the Wicked rules,people surfer but when rightous rule,the people rejoices.

The over joyed and elated staff were carrying Placards with inscriptions such as. Who is the Elephant now?, there is time for everything,the devil is gone,freedom at last in JUTH, we can now breath fresh air,the time to favor JUTH has come, the exit of Heartless CMD, among other inscriptions.
They all burnt brooms and other items to signify the end of Czar has come.