Monday, December 11

Prayer walk: “You don’t have to trek kilometres to walk in the supernatural” – Abayomi Segun clears misconception

Prayer walk – Abayomi Segun clears misconception

Brothers and sisters, I heard some of you are doing four hours prayer walk.

Haa é rọra ooo. Somebody told me of how some people did prayer walk from Ibadan to Mowe.

Haaa kilode? Prayer in itself is a good thing, In fact Jesus commanded that it should be done without fainting but prayer walk for many hours is not the best way to pray óò

Before you reach age 40 and you’re already needing “aboniki” every night. There’s a reason athletes retire early which is that cartilages and bones wear out with extensive use.

Surgeries to repair them are quite expensive and I don’t know if they are available in Nigeria

You don’t have to walk kilometres to walk in the supernatural, prayers on your feet, knees, on your belly gets answered. Postures do not determine if you will receive from God or not. God hears.

Prayer walk - Abayomi Segun clears misconception

Reactions trailing this post on Facebook seems to disagree with Abayomi Segun.

Adeyemo Ogenechukwo Raphael wrote:

“You wrote like this because you think people pray with their power. And if you’re reading this, and you STRUGGLE to do prayer walk/prayers for hours…. please, stop it.


We don’t pray long by our power. There’s a provision from heaven that sponsor prayer. It’s called prayer power.


When that power comes upon a man….prayer will be sweet like food. You will do 10hours and still will look like you’re just starting. If a man do 4hours by his power then the aforementioned cartilage issue can happen. But, when a man draw strength from heaven….man will just be flowing ?.”