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Lifestyle Hacks and tips: Living your best life.

Lifestyle Hacks and tips: Living your best life.

Lifestyle hacks intend to improve your life by helping you deal with daily life activities more effectively. We live to learn. So, everyday we have the opportunity to discover and explore things out en route.

With little or no money we can incorporate these practises to help balance our health and work life.

In no particular order, some of them are;


1) Wake up a little earlier. This would help start the day on a good note.

It gives room for our Prayers, Meditations, and every other thing we would need to start the day. A balanced state of mind helps us get ready for our planned-out activities, and whatever might come with it.

Lifestyle Hacks and tips: Living your best life.
Lifestyle Hacks and tips: Prayers and Meditation


2)Do a bit of Exercise as often as possible. There are indoor routines which are very effective.


3)Be Prompt and Punctual to work. It keeps you up-to-date and warmed-up for work activities.


4)Try not to skip breakfast. It keeps you steady and active for most of the day especially during the early hours of work.


5)Add a bit of fruits or vegetables to your meal per day.


6)Try to take water in the morning- This has helped me a lot. Anytime I do this, I end up using the toilet, especially when my tummy feels very full and uncomfortable. This cannot be over-emphasized.


7)Check your e-mails at least once or twice per day.


8) Practise the old saying “Early to bed, Early to rise. Makes a man healthy and wise”, with emphasis on “Early to bed”.

If you still on the road by 2pm or 3pm at night, you are an exception @ Lagos People??.

Though, you can always plan with what works best for you. But, remember that rest is indispensable, and is very important for the body and health.

Lifestyle Hacks and tips: Living your best life.
Lifestyle Hacks and tips: Early to bed, early to rise


9)Always try to separate your work life from your personal life. It would help you to know when to take things personal?

Lifestyle Hacks and tips
Lifestyle Hacks: Image of 3 Asian boys


10)Do some free work for somebody you passionately want to learn from. It could pay off better than your money can.


11)Take healthy natural drinks once in a while. Even if they are bitter, the work they do is a lot more effective than the taste.


12) Dress appropriately for Occasions. You never know who you would meet.


13) Take extra-care of your skin. It’s not about you spending so much money, but taking little steps to using the right products.

You should be patient enough to know what fits you, and be willing to improve from time to time.

Lifestyle Hacks and tips: Living your best life
Lifestyle Hacks and tips: Stay beautiful


14) Swap your phone for a book sometimes. Dont stay 24 hours on your phone. The light emanating from it is not too good for the eyes.


15)Try staying a day without sugar. Replace with honey or fruits.


16)Try a new activity and have fun with it.


17)Eat off a smaller plate and avoid late night meals.


18)Set reminders, Alarms or notifications. It’s possible to forget that very important appointment or event.


19)When you are on a trip, you could tie a small piece of fabric to your luggage. It saves a lot of time trying to identify your bag.


20)When ironing a button-up shirt, flip it inside out to easily iron over the button side.


21)You can keep a scented soap when travelling in the same compartment as your dirty laundry. It would keep your clothes smelling clean.


22) Always give information about your whereabouts.


23)For those who find it difficult in putting up a smile in pictures, Squint your eyes to make your smile look more genuine??


24)learn to use Etiquettes when necessary. They save you from embarrassments.


25) Never get tired of asking questions. You can only find help when you do. You cannot know everything all of the time.


26)When you are on transit, dont get carried away by your phone or any device. It would help you remain consious of your environment.


27)Show compassion but be wise.


28)Respect people, but not because of their status alone.


29) Gain Mastery of your emotions. Not everyone you meet is in a good state of mind or can act the way you do.


30)Take a few minutes to reflect on your day before you go to bed, and pray about it you have to.


Always remember that a healthy life starts with a healthy mindset.

Mr Olumide O. Emmanuel, Author of “Common Sense is not Common” says “You cannot get results by having good intentions alone. You have to put them to action”.

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