Monday, December 11

Video: Measure your success with the lives of the average man – SDP candidate schools political gladiators

Prince Adewole Adebayo, SDP candidate for the 2023 Presidential Election, has stated that politicians in government should become poorer, not richer, after they leave office.

“Our lifestyles should not vary even a little above the life of an average person,” he stressed. What happens to the poorest individual in society should be the yardstick by which we judge our achievement.

“If I go to your neighborhood, every unemployed youth is employed, every pothole is filled, every school is open, and every hospital is ready to serve you, and heads of state from other countries will come to Nigeria for medical checkups, not ours, which is always on ambulance going over there all the time.”

SDP candidate Prince Adewole Adebayo speaks on good governance
SDP candidate Prince Adewole Adebayo speaks on good governance

During a luncheon with SDP chairmen, Prince Adebayo stated that the only way politicians can thrive in government is if they are 5 times poorer after 4-8 years than when they were elected.

“We should not say when you get to power, would you take care of the Chairmen?” he remarked to the chairmen. The Chairmen will be taken care of by God; we must take care of the people. Allow others to see our children and grandchildren and say things like, “I followed your father or grandfather to a party, and when the party arrived, all of the community’s troubles vanished.”

“It should be that these people gave up their time to make the country better, since if the country is nice, we will share in its goodness because we are inside the country.”

According to the SDP candidate, if he wins in 2023, he will be poorer, not richer, as is often the case with politicians who start out destitute and end up wealthy.

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