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Moodle error fix 2022: Free solutions to Moodle and Cpanel 100% solved for Educators

Hello! Are you an educator or an intending educator who want to take advantage of online resources to get more studentship and to work from the comfort of your home? Then, I must congratulate you. I have prepared this detailed tutorial (Moodle error fix) for you to help you maximize the full potential of Moodle for free.

Why People use Moodle for Education site and LMS

Thousand of educators use moodle for various reasons, but one major reason is that Moodle is largely free to use. Also, there are variety of plugins and themes available for use in moodle that makes it easy to structure your course and accept payment from registering students.

Moodle began as a platform for educators to use to deliver customised online learning environments that encourage interaction, inquiry, and collaboration. Educators, trainers, and employers can build and deliver online courses in private or public Moodle sites so that their particular audiences can reach and surpass their learning objectives.

Moodle is being used by a wide range of organizations outside of academia, including businesses of all sorts. Moodle is most widely used for online learning, training, and, in certain circumstances, extended business processes by organizations, corporations, hospitals, and nonprofits. Here’s a quick rundown of everything Moodle has been used for:

  • Compliance education
  • Onboarding and related training are both important aspects of a company’s success.
  • Management and training based on competencies
  • Workplace safety education
  • Opportunities for online learning and continuing education
  • The employment process and the interview

Challenges and Problems with Moodle

Although Moodle is amazing. But if you are not a developer or your organization does not have a team of developers to assist in writing codes that will suit your needs in particular, you might be limited.

Also, the number of plugins available currently are quite outdated. Lastly, the interface of Moodle is not 100% beginners friendly especially those without prior experience of web design and management.

But hey, which other platform will give your the amazing features you get on Moodle for completely free? No one. As long as the web is concerned, you need a little bit of programming knowledge to soar.

Common errors on Moodle

There are tons of errors you may encounter while using Moodle such as:

  • moodle error connecting to the server
  • moodle error: database connection failed
  • moodle error logs
  • moodle error reading from database
  • moodle login problems.

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Moodle error fix: The Admin/cli/cron.php script has never run and should run every 1 min

The moodle error fix describes how to solve this problem once and for all by following the steps in the list or video below:


Moodle error fix

The problem this error causes is quite severe. The Cron job is responsible for notification updates on in-site messages, announcement etc.

To solve the problem, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to site administration > notifications. If you see that cron job error as shown in the image above, proceed to step 2.
  2. Login to your Cpanel > Cron jobs under the Advanced category
  3. Copy the domain specific example as displayed on the page.
  4. Adjust Common settings field to once per minute
  5. Paste the site specific code which you copied in to the command field
  6. Edit the example (e.g. /usr/local/bin/ea-php62 /home/bzpa/domain_path/path/to/cron/script) as instructed in step 7 and 8
  7. Go to MultiplePHP to get php version to replace ‘ea-php62‘. Use your own php version.
  8. Change domain_path/path/to/cron/script to admin/cli/cron.php
  9. Click on add new cron job button
  10. Proceed to your Moodle site notification as instructed in step 1. Refresh page after 1 minute. The error will disappear. Cron job is now fully operational.

Watch Moodle error fix Cron job video below:
Moodle error fix by Soft-us Technologies

Moodle Error Fix: No define call for media_videojs/window

The problem with this error is that videos on your moodle site will not display. It will pop up require.js error.

Follow the steps below to fix this error:

  1. Go to file backup in your cpanel under Jetbackup category
  2. Select a backup date
  3. Select the files that concerns your moodle site proceed.
  4. The error will disappear.

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