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How my first car turned me to a mechanic


By Adejoke Lasisi | P9 Facebook

Fasten your seatbelts as I take you on a long ride and share the story of my first car with you?

I bought my first car in 2017 with N100,000…yes, you heard right.

My first car turned me into a mechanic
My first car turned me into a mechanic

Many of my friends told me back then, Joke you should get a car now. We know your business is doing well but what majority don’t know is I was on salary which was small, still on salary.

They don’t know business money isn’t my money as inject most of our profits into acquire more looms and majorly on expansion of the organization.

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How my first car turned me into a mechanic

I eventually joined an àjo and luckily for me, I was told about a car that had been packed in one compound for a very long time the same day I collected my weekly thrift.

My first car turned me into a mechanic
My first car turned me into a mechanic

I went to see the car and bought it. If you see the happiness on my face that day ehn, I was very excited to get a car for the first time in my life.

Mechanic said we had to fix a few things and the car needed panel fittings as most of the car parts were rusted; you would literally be looking at the floor through the holes from inside.

I sha was able to fix a few things in the following month. I was doing the fixing small small.

Fast forward to when it now started giving me more problems…not that it doesn’t have issues since beginning oooooo but it became worse.

The radiator was bad that I had plenty bottles of water in my car or look for where to get water around as I literally have to put water almost at every 5km. You know one had to hold on in order to make it cool down a little before opening the radiator.

As if that wasn’t enough, the fuel filter had issues a couple of times that it doesn’t pump fuel from the tank. I will be the one to use mouth to pump the fuel through the orse. I can’t remember how many times I had to zip petrol?

This car embarrassed me in alot of places oooooo. People would help push to the side of the road at times or help to push it to move. This car made me how to yo ese fun moto( where you put gear in neutral and change it while pushing the car)??

I had alot of good memories with this motor and ugly ones too. I had tools in my car as what connects the battery to the car was always checking. The plug area nko????

You may have been thinking: How do I buy my first car or How to get my first car

Anyways, I summoned the courage to let go of my jalopy after 2years as it was about ki.lling me then. I sold it to people who turned it into scraps for about N80,000 in January 2020 (…exactly 2 years ago)

I returned to motorbikes as usual. I also told myself I would not buy such car again that I would rather be using my legedez benz (walking) jejely. That car drained me?

Few months later, God did a brand new car for me by emerging as the National MSME award winner 2020 in Nigeria.

My first car turned me into a mechanic

My first car turned me into a mechanic

I’m grateful I applied for the MSME award. Remember, if you do not apply the answer will always be NO.

Do you know I actually applied for Excellence in Creative Arts but I was nominated for the overall (MSME of the Year) Award instead…the organizers(office of the vice President) told me my idea was more than what I applied for.

Have started working on that idea yet? Are you looking for solutions to that problem(s) you’ve identified in your community? Keep doing what you are doing in your corner…your community…your country.

Remember, people don’t really care how you do it but let the result speaks for you.

If you are at the stage where you need to apply for opportunities to get them, please do. Learn how to apply successfully for opportunities like this.

Some are no longer at that stage but they’ve paid the price in the past.

God bless Nigeria and God bless you all.

I still remain your #Ibadangirl

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