Monday, December 11

Nigeria Naira devalued: More devaluation imminent in 2022

With extra 12 trillion borrowing, Nigeria Naira will devalue the more. If not controlled, ORDINARY loaf of bread will be bought at #3,000.


By Okpara Kingsley


If you have some savings convert them to dollars now because dollar would have upper hand over Nigeria Naira.

It may be difficult getting dollars from commercial banks but you can also go to Bureau De Change to get them or buy gold and store or open domiciliary account ,there are more digital ways of doing this online too.

Now pay attention, the best means of living above this economy is by acquiring digital skills that pay you in dollars.
Digital skills such as Video editing, Graphic design, Content creation, affiliate marketing, etc .

Personally, I saw this coming and I had to engage myself in different digital training because you can’t know it all.

If you live in big cities such as Lagos, PH, Kano or Abuja, find out a place to train physically and also make research. There are some skills that may cost you up to two hundred thousand to acquire but the good thing about such skills is the higher the fee, the better for you. Uncommon skills attract high pay.

If you want to make money , be ready to spend money to develop your brain .
In the digital world , you are paid by what you carry in your brain not how many certificates you carry.

In the normal world , a professor is paid more than a WAEC HOLDER but in the digital world a First school leaving certificate holder can be far paid more than a professor if only he got what the digital residents need.

Pls look out for unique digital skill and acquire .

Your 2022 must be better than 2021.


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