Saturday, September 23

Nigerians loot remains of Next Cash and Carry Supermarket

At this moment, residents around Jahi, Ahmadu Bello Central, Abuja; where NEXT CASH AND CARRY is located have been spotted looting the goods of the “giant” supermarket.

This is indeed sad to see what fellow Nigerians do to each other in times of disasters and outbreaks.

Instead of helping to put out the fire which is rumored to be an intentional attempt to crumble the supermarket. The residents preferred looting the goods.

Let’s not forget that in 2020 during the COVID-19 outbreak, Nigerians looted stores of relief items (palliatives) which they believed were supposed to be distributed to the citizens but were hoarded by selfish leaders for personal benefits.

Yes! They had an excuse (according to them) but what about Next Cash and Carry Super Market. They looted this famous Abuja supermarket without hesitation. So, what is their excuse this time?

One would be tempted to wonder where the Nigeria Fire Service hid themselves considering the massive social media attention the fire outbreak gained.

It is high time the people began to consider their actions.


Next Cash and Carry Super Market has above 500 employees (according to trusted sources) in Abuja alone. This means all these 500+ employees are now jobless and back to the streets.

The Nigerian government has greatly contributed to the negative actions of Nigerians. In a country where there are no employment opportunities for the common man, crime rate tends to heighten.

See video of people looting items (goods) at burning Next Cash and Carry Super Market, Abuja.



Next Cash and Carry Supermarket, Abuja Nigeria burning.
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