Monday, December 11

NPower beneficiaries feel neglected, no stipend in months

NPower is a programme initiated by the Buhari led administration to empower the youth and promote all round  economic development.

However, under the leadership of Sadiya Farouq, beneficiaries under the NASIMS have been facing several challenges especially payment of their monthly stipends.

Come to think of it! How does NPower expect these beneficiaries who willfully volunteered to work in various sectors of Nigerias’ workforce to cope in a very depressing economy with the little stipends they are entitled to but not paid as when due.

Non-payment of Npower stipends to beneficiaries on time has proven to be a factor that has high the Npower Programme from attaining it’s set goals.

Let’s take a look at how Npower beneficiaries feel about the non-payment of 3months backlogs of stipends.

“Good morning dearest Nigerians. It is high time the president and the ministry of humanitarian affairs publicly brief the N-power beneficiaries (2021) on the reasons

for the delay of the stipends. The youths on the scheme are graduates and on such, they should at least be respected and the mode of dealing with them should be formal. The N-power beneficiaries deserve

explanations because they have being executing their duties for some months, under various costs such as rent, transportation, and other expenses.

The youths should not just be asked to be patient without appropriate reasons. Nigerian youths should not be treated anyhow without questions. The ministry in question should officially brief the youth or the president who initiated the program should do so.

Their silence is a mockery on the jobless situation in Nigeria. We have done our parts and now schools have gone on vacation for Christmas celebration, thereby leaving N-power beneficiaries with nothing

and no briefing hope for the season’s celebration. The youths are not fools. We should not be treated like one just because of #30, 000 which is never up to what the minister in question uses to fuel her cars in a week. We are humans too.

“Let those who are close to the ministry or the president or those working with them Ministry to take this message to them.” – Comrade Unozie.

Npower Batch C Payment Dates: October, November, and December

While Npower Batch C beneficiaries await the formal announcement of the Stupid Payments for October, November, and December, we urge all Npower recipients to be patient. “The patient dog eats the fattest bone,” as they say in our neighborhood palace.

All beneficiaries should remain calm and wait for an official statement from the FG via NASIMS management. However, because all September salary concerns have been handled, we at are quite optimistic that October and November salaries will be paid by December 2021.

The Npower October stipend will be paid soon by FG.

According to‘s findings, the Npower October Stipend will be paid in December.

According to reputable sources, NASIMS management is working nonstop to guarantee that Npower Batch C recipients receive their October pay.