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Odudu Otu joins the lists of Gulder Ultimate Search winners


The 2021 Gulder Ultimate Search 12 edition was won by Odudu Otu, a sports enthusiast from Akwa Ibom. In a tightly contested conclusion yesterday evening, he defeated three other contenders to win the title of ultimate man.

Viewers who have been watching this season’s Gulder Ultimate Search: Age of Craftsmanship will recall Odudu as a low-key character from the beginning to the end. He lacked Damola’s puzzle-solving abilities as well as Damilola’s tact. In fact, he seemed to do just enough to avoid being evicted while remaining hidden. Many people didn’t recognize him till he won the 14th assignment.

But the story of Odudu in Gulder Ultimate Search didn’t end there. He entered the jungle as a wild card, which some feel was a stroke of luck.

However, that wild card has emerged as the champion of the Gulder Ultimate Search for 2021. Over 20,000 Nigerians applied for the Gulder Ultimate Search regional selection process this season, with those who made the longlist being sent to the Sea School.

At the end of the process, 20 names were shortlisted, with 16 of them being confirmed. Odudu was one of the final four, and his inclusion among the others was only confirmed on the day of the unveiling.

He was a member of the Iroko clan, which included Damola, Yankari, Esitima, Tobechukwu, and Gerald and was regarded as Amorokin camp’s strongest clan. Ododu appeared to have escaped notice as a result. Gerald was tipped as a likely winner based on his early performances on the show, however he was one of the first to be evicted. Esitima found three boomerangs and was one of the top seven finishers. Damola, a member of the same clan as Odudu, also advanced to the final.

Odudu began to prove why he was a deserved winner during the individual assignments. All of his energy, strategy, and endurance seemed to be unleashed in full force. While other contenders appeared to be tiring, he was just getting started and maintained this level of performance.

While other contenders appeared to be tiring, he was just getting started, and he maintained this level of performance until the very finish.

Odudu won the 2021 version of the Gulder Ultimate Search after discovering the Chest containing the knowledge of the fabled Akolo’s secret brew in the show’s final episode, which aired on DSTV on Boxing Day.

Odudu Otu takes home N50 million in prizes, including an SUV and a round-trip flight to Dubai as winner of Gulder Ultimate Search 2021.


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