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Exciting: Offiongita Nkang emerges as First ever female FULafia Registrar

Under Abdul Rahman, Offiongita Nkang emerges as first female registrar in the history of Federal University of Lafia (FULafia).

|By Musa Ishaq

For the staff of Federal University of Lafia (FULafia), under the leadership of Professor Shehu Abdul Rahman, the Vice-Chancellor, the month of February appears to be a month of unending blessings and celebrations.

The first of the blessings to be celebrated was the attainment of one year in office of the vice-chancellor, who used the occasion to commission some outstanding projects including the FULafia Academy, FULafia Printing Press, FULafia Fire Service Station, SERVICOM Charter and FULafia Annual Report.

Then, soon after that came in the newly appointed FULafia Registrar, Nuradeen Abdu, who assumed office on February 16, 2022.

Abdu succeeded Dr Abubakar Mamuda who, also this month, resumed work as the Registrar of the Federal University Gashua, Yobe State.

Again, February 16, came another huge gift to FULafia from President Muhammad Buhari, who has found in the staff of FULafia another eminently qualified woman in the person of Offiongita Nkang to be appointed, yet, the registrar of the newly established Federal University of Technology, Akwa Ibom State.

Mrs. Offiongita Nkang’s appointment as a registrar was made through a statement issued by the Federal Ministry of Education.

Offiongita Nkang emerges as new FULafia Registrar
Offiongita Nkang emerges as new FULafia Registrar

Nkang is, currently, the head of administration at the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) Directorate of the Federal University of Lafia (FULafia).

Following her appointment, Nkang presented her letter of appointment to Abdul Rahman and formally notified him of her appointment.

Nkang thanked Abdul Rahman for his transparent and honest style of leadership, saying that she has learnt a lot from the vice-chancellor.

She said that she enjoyed tremendous support from Abdul Rahman which enabled her to discharge her duties effectively.

Nkang said: “FULafia can only get better under the leadership of this seasoned, sophisticated and proactive vice-chancellor who, in a year, seems as if he had spent four years already, because he has reshaped the University, changed its outlook and reorientated its staff.”

Offiongita Nkang emerges as new FULafia Registrar
Offiongita Nkang emerges as new FULafia Registrar

Speaking, Abdul Rahman, thanked President Buhari for appointing Nkang as a registrar.

He prayed for Nkang to succeed in her new assignment at Akwa Ibom, urging her to continue with the spirit of hardwork she exhibited in FULafia.

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  • Mabel Nyerere

    Bravo to women ?
    This is to tell every woman that the say what a man can a woman can do it better
    By the way to everyone our first teacher was our dearest mom?

  • Kritzeze

    Share equality between both genders. An opportunity for a lady in sit to show how good of a leader a lady can be.

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