Monday, December 11

Online IT Certification: Take a free Exam, Obtain a verifiable certificate for High Pay Jobs

What is Soft-us LMS

Soft-us LMS is the official Online IT Certification portal of Soft-us Technologies. Today being Monday, 29th March 2022, the Management board have approved Free Examination for persons with IT Skills but in need of a reliable and verifiable certificate. This is inline with the company’s mission to improve the quality of lives and bring Tech closer to the people.

The Campaign tagged “Take a free Exam, Obtain a verifiable certificate” is geared towards empowering youths by  providing Online IT Certification for them to succeed. The core objectives are to:

  1. Create a hub of IT skilled individuals for remote and physical employment
  2. To improve trust of employers of IT skilled persons via our verification system
  3. To make certification less expensive or free for individuals
Online IT Certification
Online IT Certification: Get confidence, get certificate on Soft-us LMS

Who can use Soft-us LMS?

Soft-us LMS is open to all who have an IT (Computer) skill but need a verifiable certificate and would want get job opportunities remotely or physically.

What Course are available on Soft-us LMS?

On the online training classroom/platform, there are two (2) categories of courses:

  1. Taught courses: These are courses with full tutorials, lecture materials, live classes, Continuous assessments, assignments, examination and certificate. For a full list of taught courses, check here.
  2. Certification (Certificate) Course: Only examination and certificates are supported on this category. It is primarily for those who want to obtain a verifiable certificate for a skill they must have already developed. Check here to see a list of Certificate courses you can take for free.

Certificate courses on Soft-us LMS Online IT Certification right now

  1. Data Management and Graphics: Skills required are PC Fundamental (Basic computer usage), Basic Computer Maintenance, MS Applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Graphics (Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop)
  2. Graphics (Corel Draw, Photoshop)
  3. Web Design and Site Maintenance (WordPress, HTML, CSS)
  4. Content Writing & SEO
  5. MS Applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  6. PC Fundamental and Maintenance