Monday, December 11

Open letter to Mr President

Open letter to Mr President.

The importanceof  reappointing Professor Suleiman Elias Bogoro as an Executive Secretary TETfund. 

Your Excellency Sir,

I have chosen this medium to express my opinion on the above subject matter considering your tight Schedules as all efforts to secure an appointment to share this with you proved abortive due to the tight Schedules of your exolted office as the President of Nigeria.

Your Excellency Sir, You may recall that Professor Bogoro was once replaced one Dr. AB Baffa who failed woefully to deliver on the core mandates why TETFUND was established hence the only viable option was to reinstate Bogoro who has changed the narratives.

The successes and achievements recorded at the  TETFUND under Professor Bogoro are unprecedented and my perception is that such rare and exceptional personalities like him are needed in the current change Government to drive forward the Educational infrastructure especially at the tartiarry level.

It is unarguable discussion that TETFUND has been revived, reactivated and made very functional under Professor Bogoro who has brought a new lease of life to tartiarry institutions across the length and breadth of Nigeria. His ingenuity and high records of academia, he has injected and brought new ideas and innovations that are of international Standard Which has so far increase the nation tartiarry institutions to compete with their counterparts around the world.

He has established the titan of renowned academics under the leadership of Professor Gadzama which steps that stepped up and were the reasons behind the world class infrastructural development in the nation tartiarry institutions apart from producing a number of  academics reforms to meet with the current world Challenges.

The to many to mention interventions created in the areas of Educational Research has given an opportunity to all and sundry to spring up to the peak of academic without regards to the status and background of the researchers. He has renewed and simplified methods of research development making an easy ride and easy accessible with emphasis on merits and performance.

Professor Bogoro through TETFUND has sponsored many results oriented and highly practical research by investing in the of training and retraining Academic Staff in Universities and other tartiarry institutions of higher learning in Nigeria. Both local and foreign training got the necessary attention under his watch because of their importance in reviving dwindling Education Sector.

It is important to note that, almost if not all the current infrastructures the Nigerian Universities and other tartiarry institutions can burst up are few among to many to mention of Professor Bogoro legacies as an Executive Secretary of TETFUND. These Infrastructural development ranges from Road networks,halls of high capacity and magnitude, construction and furnishing of new faculties, Departments ,Offices and laboratories to support local Research and innovations, libraries and many more.

Based on the above mentioned successes and achievements, below are of the reasons to back my accerssion and my mandate for writing this very open letter.

  1. Nigerian Universities and other tertiary institutions cannot not afford to lose Professor Bogoro at this very critical situation as previous leadership has not given the Universities and other tartiarry institutions the require training and retraining to meet up with the demand of the 21st century. The celebrations that followed his reinstatement spoke in high volume his capacity and magnitude to oversee the activities of TETFUND without prejudice.
  2. The Federal Government should instead rally round the successes and achievements of Professor Bogoro especially now that his services are needed most to drive the tartiarry institutions to compete with their contemporaries at the international level in terms of Research and Development.
  1. The Development and infrastructures visible to all at ATBU Bauchi,Atap Bauchi , Federal Polytechnic Bauchi ,Aminu Saleh College of Education Azare and to many that pages of newspapers cannot content are the reasons why as Bauchians cannot afford to loose to early a bigotten and worthy son of the soil like Professor Bogoro.
  2. Finally, The Federal Government should consider reappointing Professor Bogoro a demand of the Progressives rather than the need of the few as a man of substance that has brought tremendous developments and relief to our tartiarry institutions.

Your Excellency Sir, As a concern citizen from Bauchi State, the following are the reasons that flipped my mind to write you this open letter to serve as a guide that it will change your mind towards taking a decision on National interest to reappoints Professor Bogoro to continue revamping our Education Sector in the interest of building strong institutions for the future generations.

The likes of Professor Bogoro are the few products left in the nation Education Sector that with and without been marketed they can fused into all assignments and can deliver the best results whenever they are saddle with responsibilities. I am confident Mr President the reasons given are justifyable and can prevail on you going through my submission.

Thank you

Muhammad Sani Al-ameen 

APC gubernatorial aspirant