Peter Obi visits Abia Governor Ikpeazu, discusses Nigeria problems

…Peter Obi visits Abia Governor Ikpeazu

Peter Obi, who won the Labour party’s nomination for president in the national convention and presidential primary in

Asaba, the capital of Delta State, after other contenders withdrew for him, is much liked by Nigerians and state governors. This was evident on his most recent trip to Nigerian states.

Former governor of Anambra State and Labor Party presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi paid Governor Okezie Ikpeazu a courtesy call this morning at his country residence in Umuobiakwa, Obingwa LGA.


This morning when Mr. Obi came in Umuobiakwa, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu welcomed him.


Former Governor Obi notified Governor Ikpeazu that he was in Abia State to attend a function at the Mater Dei Catholic Cathedral Umuahia and that, in accordance with official etiquette and custom, he first needed to visit the Governor before attending the function.


They spoke about a variety of topics, including politics, the economy, and security.


Additionally, they had a secret brunch meeting.


The first-ever Abia State Long Term Development Plan and the Abia State Industrial Policy, which were given to the governor yesterday by ECOWAS

Representative at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, were included in the souvenir bag that Governor Ikpeazu gave him (UNIDO).

Before heading to Umuahia, Mr. Obi spent some time talking to press reporters.


Peter Obi’s visits to different states in Nigeria and his appearance in TV and Radio stations has sparked lots of questions in the social media space.

Some Nigeria wonder if these visits are for the interests of the citizens or just for political gains.

What Peter Obi discussed with Ikpeazu
Peter Obi visits Abia Governor Ikpeazu: What was discussed

Here are common questions in the mind of Nigerians who love Peter Obi to become president in 2023.

  • Why Obi chose to become presidential candidate of the labour party not considering the rest of the parties
  • Why peter obi visits ikpeazu
  • Who adviced obi visits ikpeazu in abia
  • How does Peter Obi intend to market himself to the Northerners
  • How does Peter Obi plan to rescue Nigeria despite the overwhelming corruption in the country.
  • Why Peter Obi visits Abia Governor Ikpeazu
  • What time did Peter Obi visits Abia Governor Ikpeazu
  • Are ikpeazu in abia peter obi allies

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