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Registration codes for FG Transport Allowance in 2022

The Federal Government’s Transport Subsidy Grant is a stipend that will be granted to Nigerians once the oil subsidy is formally terminated in July 2022.

Nigerians from all walks of life would be eligible for transportation grants when the current fuel subsidy regime expires in July 2022, according to Nigeria’s Finance Minister.

Fuel subsidies will be phased down by the Federal Government in July 2022, with no provision for them in the National Budget for 2022.

After abolishing the fuel subsidy, the Federal Government proposes to provide Nigerians “Transport Allowance,” also known as Transport Subsidy Grant, to soften the impact of high transportation charges.

N5,000 will be distributed to 40 million Nigerians, according to the Finance Minister.

FG Transport Subsidy Grant 2022 Will Be paid To Nigerians

The Transport Subsidy Grant will be paid for a short period like 6 months 9 months or a maximum of 12 months.

Transport subsidies would be given directly to individuals, not associations, or groups.

The NIN will be used to track all qualified and suitable Nigerians that will benefit from the grant

The grant money will be transferred to people using their BVNs, account numbers, and national identity number.

Requirements to benefit from the FG Transport Allowance

To benefit from this grant:

  • Must be a Nigerian
  • You have have a Bank Verification Number
  • You must have National Identification Number number (NIN)
  • Your bank account number must be active

Registration codes and Application guidelines

To initiate the application for the FG Transport Allowance grant, you need to dial the code that is specific to your residence on your phone.

The code looks like this: *969*code#.

The codes are available for every state, local government and community in Nigeria.

Or use the link below to download the list of registration codes.

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