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S3x and Fasting: Pst. Kingsley clears misconception, give biblical stands

Hello! In our relationship corner today, we will be discussing about S3x and Fasting. There have been making questions about this topic and many married couples still find it confusing.

I must say that there have been a fairly commendable number of attempts to settle this S3x and Fasting matter. Today, we will be considering what the popular and well respected Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo has to say.

Before we go to Pastor Kingsley’s submission on the S3x and Fasting topic, let’s see what others have said.

S3x and Fasting, what is right to many?

According to Singapore Moses, a user of eBible who answer this weighty question. His answer corresponds to that of many others. He said:

“Fasting is a spiritual practice, whereas s3x is a physical one. However, the Bible tells us that the body is always at odds with the spirit. Why fool yourself with a task if you don’t know what it entails?

S3x and Fasting
S3x and Fasting: what couples must know


Fasting entails depriving your body of its natural pleasures in order to achieve SPIRITUAL development. Apostle Paul stated that no partner should deny the other sexual pleasure, but that couples should agree to refrain from having sex during FASTING. Because of their lack of self-control, Satan can seduce one or both of them (1 Corinthians 7:6).

The sole reason it is recommended that those who fast eat throughout the activity do so is to stay alive. So, when you deny yourself food that keeps you alive OR sex that you can’t live without, it simply indicates you’ve made a choice between God and the world.

It is a huge blessing, in my opinion, if both husband and wife abstain from eating and sex while praying together in ONE MIND, ONE BODY, and ONE SOUL. However, it is difficult to come by these days. ”

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo give clarity on S3x and Fasting

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