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Sex & Marriage: 4 factors that guarantees satisfying sex

Sex and Marriage

This is Christmas season, a time of love and celebration, a time to spend with family.

So, let’s talk about marriage and sex. I am sure you will have a better bonding time with spouse after reading this?.

Family bonding improves greater sex with spouse
Family bonding improves greater sex with spouse

Brief Introduction

In marriage, having a nice sex life is fantastic and desirable. However, there are a lot of things that must be considered in order to achieve it. If these factors are not in place, excellent sex life is inaccessible. As a result, a couple cannot have the amazing sex life they wish without them. All other factors involved in having a fantastic sex life in marriage are rendered moot by their absence. That is, if the following factors are not in place, all sex styles, places, and so on will fail.

These factors include things like health, work schedules, finances, and so on.

Couples’ well-being

“Health is riches,” as the old adage goes. That could not be more true in a couple’s sex life. Sex can be enjoyed and engaged in when partners are healthy. The amount of bedroom action that can be had is determined by the health of the pair. It is the health of couples that will determine the extent of bedroom action that can be available to them, before talking of enjoying sex. A healthy couple is the only one that can actively engaged in bed.


As a result, it is critical that couples prioritize activities that promote excellent health. A healthy way of life must be prioritized. Every individual must adhere to a set of generally accepted health conditions. Couples must do all possible to become familiar with and adhere to them. Personal hygiene must be prioritized, including frequent bathing, tooth brushing, clean underwear, and a clean household environment.

Diseases and illnesses should be avoided as much as possible, and if an infection or epidemic occurs, treatment should be sought immediately. In this part of the world, like in many other parts of our lives, health care maintenance is below average in many households. Sicknesses are allowed to fester, and in most cases, they get out of control.


Couples’ work schedules affects sex life

A couple’s work schedule will have a significant impact on their sexual life. With a busy work schedule, a couple or one of the couple will have to put in extra effort to have a satisfying sex life. I know a couple who is dealing with a hectic work schedule due to the banker’s wife’s job. It has nearly pulled the relationship apart since they did not see the harmful effects of such a work schedule early enough. Couples must be proactive in their approach to their job schedule to ensure that it does not negatively effect their sexual life.


Weekend getaways, public holiday get-aways, and impromptu sex can all be organized to make place for amazing intimacy for such couples.


Couples’ Finances influences sex quality

Money, in all cases, including sex, does truly answer all questions. When you have a solid financial foundation, fantastic sex becomes a lot easier to come by. Most of the stressful aspects of marriage are reduced to a bare minimum when money is available. Money is at the basis of the majority of couples’ quarrels. Money not only dictates how much joy a couple can have in order to have a wonderful sex life, but it also defines how much pleasure a couple can have in order to have a great sex life.

To avert a decreasing financial fortune, couples must take cautious measures. They must also work to improve their financial situation by using a multiple-stream-of-income strategy. There are a plethora of genuine firms to choose from these days.

Exposure of the couples affects sex life

A couple who is exposed socially will definitely find reasons to engage in sex beyond the traditional purpose of procreation. When a couple is bound by the traditional and religious beliefs that express displeasure about sex styles that offend such beliefs, great sex becomes a mirage.

Satisfying sex
Factor that determine Satisfying sex

The other day, one preacher said that God told him that no couple engaging in sex styles beyond the traditional husband on top, would make heaven. Issues like this limit marital sex pleasure. Couples who are not exposed will never enjoy great sex that climaxes in orgasmic pleasure, especially on the part of the wife. Couples must therefore get broad knowledge about life, so that they don’t become caged by myopic, traditional mode of sexual engagement, among others.


If couples take care of the above, they will do well in realising a great sex life.


Source: Nigerian Tribune


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