Wednesday, November 29

SDP in synergy with others, keen on seizing Power From APC in 2023, Says Presidential Candidate

Barr Adewole Adebayo, a presidential candidate for the Social Democratic Party (SDP), has stated that the party, along with other platforms, will wrestle power from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2023 presidential election.

Nigerian officials, according to Adewole, overlook answers to the country’s problems out of self-interest.

Adewole, speaking after announcing his intention to run for president in 2023 on the SDP platform, expressed confidence that with the new electoral act, his party and other platforms working together will win the presidential election.

SDP Presidential aspirant Adebayo
SDP to seize power from APC 2023

“Nigeria has a plethora of problems for which there are no solutions. The leaders are aware of the remedies, but have chosen to disregard them, causing the masses to suffer.

“The remedies have been known for a long time, but the leaders have shied away from them. Nigeria needs leadership, which is why we are running on the SDP platform to deliver that leadership,” Adewole stated.
He stated that he had been traveling around the third force, but that he has now settled in the SDP to run for President and win the election for the people of Nigeria, ensuring that they get the leadership they require.

“I joined the SDP to help Nigerians win the presidential election.” Nigerians will witness and feel genuine leadership when that happens,” Adewole said, adding that the SDP is the finest platform for him and Nigeria.

SDP to seize power from APC 2023
SDP to seize power from APC 2023

He predicted that the SDP, together with other allied parties, will win the election thanks to the president’s signing of a new electoral statute.

“We’re bringing new blood and new ideas.” Nigeria’s problem is not so much what we have as it is how we manage it. The country had a lot of money in the past when the resources were correctly handled,” Adewole said, adding that he will also protect the interests of women and youths.

“Women are an important component of the country.” I’ve taken my wife along with me. The problem of women is the same as the country’s problem. Women want work, they want safety, they want a good society, and they want to be free. “Everyone want it,” Adewole stated.

While bemoaning the fuel and electrical shortages, Adewole asserted that electricity may be easily produced.
“You create electricity in your home using a solar panel and an electric generator. Why can’t it be applied to the whole country? The ruling class does not want it to succeed. “This administration generates negative electricity,” he claimed.
Adewole stated that as president, he will resolve the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike.

“It’s an issue with a solution.” Something can be done to put an end to the strike situation. Despite the fact that we have too much money, the ASUU is on strike. I will make certain that tertiary institutions are run by academics. As long as non-academics are in charge of universities, there will be no progress.

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