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Secret to a better Wardrobe Sorting and Upgrade in 2022

Wardrobe Sorting and Upgrade

By Sharonshay

Hi folks, I hope we were able to fully maximise the Valentine Season?

Valentine is gone. Love would always be here. So, we muuuuve!!!


People tend to often think that there must be a certain amount of money avaliable before you can have or wear a very stylish look that’s usually trendy (What people describe as Wardrobe Sorting and Upgrade).

Well, I go with the school of thought that the way you look does not necessarily boil down to what you have. You dont have to keep up with a certain trend/trendy outfit. As they say “all fingers are not equal”. So I guess what we should always remember is that “You can still slay on your budget no matter how little”.

Dressing fashionably has a lot to do with knowing what to buy and where or how to get it. When you have your millions, you can afford whatever you want and you can choose to just go online and pick whatever you desire. Till that time comes, I have a few steps that could help you easily upgrade your closet space from time to time, and still be in charge of your finances.

Things to know before considering Wardrobe Sorting and Upgrade

  • First, Calculate cost. This would require that you have a budget for your expenses on clothes and accessories. You might want to do this based on your income flow per month.

So, in order for you not to overshoot your budget boundaries, Be ready and willing to go with what you can afford comfortably, Have a fair knowledge of the market price, Know what you should prioritize, and make sure to always stick to your budget except there are very important/necessary emergencies.

You should not spend more than you can afford even when you crave it so much. Remember the old saying that says “Cut your coat according to your size”, its worth it.

Wardrobe Sorting and Upgrade
Wardrobe Sorting and Upgrade
  • Secondly, another thing that might help is that You dont have to wait a whole month for the budget all the time. There are times where I have had extra cash on me, and I see some accessories I can afford at that particular time like earrings, wristbands, chain, scarf, etc, I pick them based on the extra cash I have.

These days snacks are quite expensive. So, I just give that up and get the accessory I need instead especially when its avaliable and I have the cash for it at that time. When you get items little by little that way, you eventually have varieties in your closet space.


  • Thirdly, It is also very important that you have a good idea about the market you need and can afford. If you can have it brand new, why not. If you cant, there are lots of other options. These days some of the clothes you get from a Second-hand market or thrift shop can last much more than the new ones. So, know your market options and how to get what you need.

How to achieve a decent and affordable Wardrobe Sorting and Upgrade

Don’t be desperate to follow trends and stay away from the pictures social media creates for you. It is much better to work hard and have the cash you can use to afford the kind of luxury you desire than eating off of the funds you should be saving or investing. You grow when your money grows too.

Wardrobe Sorting and Upgrade
Wardrobe Sorting and Upgrade

It’s so easy to get swayed by those beautiful clothes and accessories you see because they are indeed so beautiful. Start today to see those things differently and your finances would appreciate you for it.

For people like me who have had the experience of “what I ordered vs what I got”, you can agree with me that it’s very important to know your vendors. These days, you get all kinds of sales online which has really helped businesses reach a wider range of customers, but as a customer or consumer its important that you know your vendor.

This would give you value for your money. Dont be afraid to ask questions, lots of questions. You can also do some research and check out reviews just to be sure of what you getting. Though, it’s like you cannot be too careful, but it’s better everything than nothing to avoid more losses.


Finally, This is something that is not very common though people do it from time- to time. It’s called Wardrobe Exchange. You can do this with your friends or colleagues based on what you would be giving out.


Usually, people do it for trade. It’s a process where you sort out your clothes and give out what you do not need anymore for something else you want. When it’s good enough, some people sell them. It can be used as a means to raise funds too.

You can do this or just give out the clothes for charity, because there are a lot of people who would always need them. When you give, you would surely receive. I have also had this kind of experience where I gave and I received a bag I had always admired. Glory to God!!??


Anyways, whatever you decide to do would be a good choice. You might even have other ideas. Start-up spending differently to upgrade your closet space and be in control of your finances.

I hope you have learnt a great deal about Wardrobe Sorting and Upgrade. I remain your girl, Sharonshay. Please share with your friends and family.

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  • Ruth Orechi Egbodo

    Truly, changing of wardrobe is not something that must be done at once. A gradual process can go with it. It can also result to one bringing out clothes and shoes that he/she has out grown, or no longer have taste for and give them out to the needy.

  • Kritzeze

    This post is an eye opener to me. Always thought it best to change my wardrobe at once but doing it gradually, bearing in mind the style that best suites me,seems less pressurizing & makes the thought sound easier to achieve.??

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