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Sexual Abuse of Minors now rampant in Nasarawa

Sexual Abuse Of Minors now rampant in Nasarawa


Rape and Sexual Molestation of minors is becoming an everyday occurrence in Nigeria. Today many abuse that are sexually related are often report in all parts of the country.


In Nasarawa state, Akwanga Local Government Area is one town that is gradually becoming notorious for this.


Bestof9ja News took journey to the ancient city of Akwanga where a fourteen year girl was raped by a vigilante.


Akwanga is an ancient town in the old Plateau State and the present-day Nasarawa State.

The town is becoming notorious for sexual offenses of the female gender especially among minors.

Examples of sexual abuse

There are commonly rape, sexual harassment, molestation and sex related child abuse.

Types of Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse is categorized based on those involved and it’s circumstances.

  • Verbal

The use of spoken or written words to express, suggest, or imply sexual content is referred to as verbal sexual assault/abuse. In social situations, the workplace, and the home, verbal sexual abuse occurs frequently.

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  • Covert

Without your knowing, covert sexual abuse can occur. This includes being watched, pursued, or photographed, as well as stalking on social media and sexual cyber-harassment.

  • Visual

Images having a sexual undertone or that are sexually explicit are everywhere in our culture. Visually being exposed to inappropriate sexual material is sex related abuse.

  • Physical

Non-consensual touching, fondling, physical constraint, cornering, tickling, kissing, extensive genital washing, enemas, intercourse, sodomy, oral sex, licking, brushing up against, urinating on, breach of privacy, and stalking are examples of physical sexual abuse.

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Our special findings on the Rampant Sexual Abuse in Akwanga, Nasarawa

Gammun Centre For Care and Development is a non governmental organization resident in the town.

According to Blessing Tulari, CEO Gammun Centre, the organization receives an average of four reported rape cases in a day.


We set out to Ubbe, a borderline community between Akwanga and Nasarawa Eggon Local Governments of the state to follow the lead on a rape case involving a minor.


A 14 year old girl who resides in this community with her sexagenarian guardian, Mama Esther John was raped.


She was brought to this community at a tender age to serve as a caregiver and helpmate to Mama Esther due to her ill health.

But she was raped in the community by a 19 year old vigilante officer, Joseph Sabo.

Joseph Sabo alleged that he was acting under the instructions of Mama Esther to punish the victim for stealing the sum of 150 thousand naira.

The vigilante officer requested for sex in return for setting her free but when the victim refused he forcefully had carnal knowledge of her.


Bestof9ja News went on to interview the Sexagenarian who denied issuing such orders to the vigilante officer.

The biological father of the victim, Ajegena Jacob disclosed to us that he is ready to take legal actions against the perpetrator.

As at the time of compiling this report, Nigeria Police have been fully briefed and have effected the arrest of the suspect.


The sexual and gender based department of Nasarawa State Government and it’s allies are not willing to let this pass under the water.

The rape saga in the town has taken a twist and is becoming rampant among minors.

Sexual Abuse of minor
No to sexual child abuse


Bestof9ja’s stand on Child abuse and other sexual offenses

This recent happenings are indices that more cases are still hidden. Bestof9ja News will like to encourage reports of cases of sexual abuse of Minors and other age groups.

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