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Surrogacy, Adoption is scriptural, God permits it – Pst. Mildred

Surrogacy and Adoption has been a big issues in the religious and social space especially in Africa.

With very huge misconceptions around these terms. Many have labeled these practices as unholy and for the less fortunate. They make people who embrace these options in their marriages feel less of a human.

Adoption has a higher acceptance rate in the African society than Surrogacy. This is because the existence of orphanage homes has come to stay. So, it is easier to adopt a child without being subjected to public backlashing.

But currently, we can’t say the same for Surrogacy.

Of recent, the popular Nigerian Actress Ini Edo got a baby via Surrogacy. This stirred a lot of negative energy on social media. Many attributed her decision to mistakes she has made in the past.

Confirming the news, Edo stated that the daughter was genetically hers because her eggs were used to fertilize the child.

She said, “Yes I do have a daughter and I had her through surrogacy. The eggs are mine and so genetically, she’s my blood.

“I chose this path to fulfil my dream of becoming a mother. I still have a good number of eggs frozen in case I decide to do surrogacy again or carry my baby myself.”

She also mentioned that she had the daughter almost a year ago, stating that she planned on breaking the news herself.

Having attained her goal, she said she’s grateful to be her daughter’s mother.


“It is an awesome feeling and experience and as I watch my daughter grow every day, I am in awe of the miracles that God has sent my way and I am so thankful and grateful to be my daughter’s mother.”


Having suffered several miscarriages, the actress encouraged women who have challenges conceiving to try surrogacy.

Surrogacy, Adoption is good

Fortunately, this debate on whether Surrogacy and Adoption is good or not have been trashed by Pst. & Pst. (Mrs.) Kingsley Okonkwo.

Particularly, Pst. (Mrs.) Mildred really hammered the nail on the head.

Watch the video below ???

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