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Throw Back Thursday (TBT) good or bad? Learn what it does to you now


By Sharonshay

TBT is an acronym meaning “Throw back Thursday”. There are certain researches and studies that has shown how far back “TBT” has existed, in both positive and negative ways. Though today, admist all the facts, it remains an ever enjoyable trend on social media.

TBT’s usually tell different stories for most people. Therefore, people put up posts that reflects positive moments, funny and old clothes, hair or style. Some show past memories, childhood relationships etc. Whatever the case maybe, it creates for people special nostalgic feelings as they take a look into the past.

So, what story is yours to tell?

I believe in the saying that “When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”.

So, I just want to share a few lessons learnt from my personal TBT’S till now and hope you have one ot two that you can agree with.

1)TBT’S has helped me appreciate my growth and how personal my life really is. It has helped me appreciate more of who I am, where I come from and the kind of life I live. It has become a more tangible reality that no one can be like me or live out the kind of life I was created for. Time and Chance indeed happen to us all.

2)TBT’s has also helped me appreciate my relationships from acquaintances? to friends and family including my church family. We learn eventually as we grow older, how valuable the relationships we keep are. We also discover that indeed people are in our lives for a reason, some for a season, and some for a lifetime. Not everyone I knew from childhood is with me today and I have also lost some?

3) TBT’s has also shown me that indeed I am a product of the decisions and choices I make. They have not always been fair and good, but I am grateful for the scars. I could not have had a great life without them. I remember that growth is constant and very important. It all depends on me. I die slowly when my mind is under developed because it is responsible for my actions.

What Throw Back Thursday (TBT) means
What Throw Back Thursday (TBT) means

4)Well, right now I do not think fashion would have been separated from my existence.TBT has shown me so much about how fashion evolves. Its duplicative?.
I have appreciated the memories of the trends we had back then as compared to its modifications now. Phew!? You need to see what was worn in those days by Africans, and all-over the world. Some of these styles do have stories connected to them.

Life is Progressive. It’s a journey from birth to the day of death(which happens at different times for everyone). As we live on, let’s constantly be reminded of gratitude, hope and focus towards fulfilling life’s purpose. As we cannot have a future without a past, let’s enjoy having our TBT’s and stay confident about our own stories.

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