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Track your business profits using this easy Excel tips for business

Free and Easy excel tips for Business owners

By Sammy OJ


Welcome to 2022, a new year with new opportunities. You want business to be better this year, don’t you.

To grow and access huge credits or attract big investors, every business needs organized records and effective tracking of its business transactions year in, year out.

So many small business owners have been victims of non-accountability of business transactions, profit and expenses.

Unlike other big businesses who can afford customized software and accounting solutions to track and generate reports on performance of the business per time.

Many small business ventures record and calculate profit and expenses manually using petty sales book. While this may work out for well for some, its definitely does not give the desired results.

It is tasking enough to run a business. Why should you add manual method of sales and inventory tracking to it?

Now, you may be thinking I want to introduce you to one of these applications that allows you use their services for free only for a limited time and cuts you off. Some apps allow you to enjoy only a few feature and try to force you to pay for premium services.

I am going to teach you how to create your own Accounting system irrespective of the kind of business you do. You do not need to have any advance computer skills. I will teach how to go about it from scratch.

What do I need to setup my own accounting system for my business

Alright! It is so simple. You only need Microsoft Excel installed on your computer and a free Microsoft account. I recommend you install MS Office 2016 or above on you computer if you do not have it already. See how to install MS Office here. To open a free Microsoft account, click here.

Benefit of using MS Excel for business tracking and Analysis

Among other unique benefits, one major benefit is that you can use this template on your mobile phones on Office mobile Application which you can download from Play store.

Imagine the ease and leverage you get being able to analyze your business and track your transactions from either your mobile phone or your computer (Laptop).

How to get started with easy excel tips for business

ICT experts from Soft-us Technologies, Nigeria in collaboration with Bestof9ja will be hosting a free (absolutely free) tutorial in form of a Webinar on how to create a lifetime business analysis and tracking system.

Due to the different nature of businesses, different webinars and tutorials will be held and transcripts made available.

Fill the form below supplying your email address and the type of business you do. This will enable us schedule you for the webinar related to your business type. We will alternatively send you the link to the tutorial and the free templates.

You will also get free templates at the end of the training. Let’s be more productivity this year.

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