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See list of cheap but adorable valentine gifts to buy for your loved one in 2022

Valentine gifts/ideas to rock February 14, 2022. Read this post and thank me (Sharonshay) later.

Also I have an important question for you all, Who would be my Val???

Written by Sharonshay

It’s the season of love and I can feel its weight. It’s almost like for every person you meet you cannot have a conversation without Valentine being mentioned.
And maybe like me you also must have seen the videos to the “lonely” people?.

So, who’s up for some valentine adventure this season? I don’t know if I would be going on a date yet so you can hop on if you want to. Just make sure you can afford all that I need as Valentine gift?
I don’t know about you but I really want to make money this season ooo.

So, who's up for some val adventure this season?
Ideas for Valentine gift that sparks the fire

I have a business idea already but Na, I ain’t gonna be that match-making legend. I think we all should just decide and do only what would make us happy. It’s possible you do not have a “That special one yet” , but we all have our friends and family or even those who are less privileged to have received the kind of love we have to show some love to.

For those who have the special ones, and for those who don’t, I guess we could just paddle the boat together in this season and enjoy whatever blissful moments it comes with to the fullest. I love “LOVE” and I believe everyone deserves to be loved and celebrated. So, let’s celebrate love together this season of Valentine.

See list of cheap but adorable valentine gifts to buy for your loved one
See list of cheap but adorable valentine gifts to buy for your loved one

Love for me is not just about the affirmation. Once in a while beyond Valentine, you share something with your loved ones to show how much you love them and appreciate them. Don’t you think it’s another great opportunity to do show that love again especially if its been a bit long since you did.

A lot of Vendors have even decided to give good discounts to their sales so it could be an opportunity to get wonderful gifts items, products or services at a cheaper price. You get same value at a cheaper price. Don’t miss out o!!

Just incase you thinking on what to get or do, here are some very affordable valentine gift item ideas that you can use as a show of your love. For some you might already be familiar with. For some you might not. You can pick anyone of these items and check it out.

Before starting out, you can also take a quick peep into or try to observe what you think he/she might need or doesn’t have. This would be so much more appreciated than buying an addition to (bulk of items already avaliable especially if it’s of the same kind).

Cheap but Adorable Valentine gift you can buy for your loved one in Nigeria this 2022

Valentine's Day Offer

  1. Clothing accessories

Overtime, clothing accessories have always been a win-win when it has to do with giving gifts. It can never run out of style, and would always be a choice for a gift item anyway, anytime. It’s always needed, always avaliable, very fashionable, and quite affordable because you would always have the varieties that can go with your budget, and suit your taste. Some of those items are ; Bags( Handbags, croos bags, mini bags, etc).

You can decide to gift them with a dress or any of these clothing accessories.

2. Another valentine gift item with lots of affordable varieties is Perfume. One should never miss out on a good fragrance. A nice fragrance leaves you attractive anyway, anytime and compliments everything as a final touch. These days there are even oil perfumes sold at affordable prices with very good fragrances.

*There is also something else to do if you wanna go really personal. You can have your valentine gifts items or Valentine cards customized to individual specifications like customized pillows, key chains, frames, etc. For me I feel there is a different kind of feeling to when you have your name on an item. And it gets me everytime.

With or without though, the most important thing is that you are going to give with all of the love you have.

*This usually seems or feels like a trend of some sort when it’s done, but what if that’s what you can afford?
Well, For me Cakes, Cupcakes(esp baked love-shaped) or cooking a favourite meal with a little more sweetness can never go out of style for the season also because It can easily be added to the list of things you decided to do. You can even spice it up with a favourite drink. This can just be tagged “keeping it simple” ?


You can join me for Valentine

It shows just how much you interested in this person to the smallest of details.
I might be cooking some really nice meal for my family, and my own boo go chop inside too. So, you can spring into planning same with me if you want to?. Indicate in the comment section if interested.

*For the Book lovers, It cannot be over-emphasized. A new book to the collection would always be appreciated depending on what he/she is interested in. You can also see a movie together if you not really into books(just an option) Maybe that would be your own way of saying “Happy Valentine!, Mi Amor”.(The Spanish way of saying My love.

When it’s all being said and done, Feb 14 passes on and we still continue to show love, but you can make this season a special one however you decide to. It’s always worth it?

So please let the valentine gifts start coming in ooo… I can also send my account no just so you can reach me easily?

Happy Val guys❤️

Yours truly,

Sharonshay-Valentine gift2022
Sharonshay-Valentine gift 2022

Sharonshay (Author at Bestof9ja Blog)

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