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What business to start with 50k and make profit of 150k monthly 

What business to start with 50k

  1. What business to start with 50k
    1. How to get a fully functional website for BLOGGING?

In this 2022, there are BUSINESSES you can start with 50k capital and make at least 150k monthly

By Okpara Ijezie Kingsley

Below are the business ideas to start in Nigeria


Car wash business is very very very lucrative . With 50k you don’t need to think of buying GEEPEE TANK, all you need do is find out a building that has borehole , in a strategic position with space in front it and meet the owners to use their water , you will pay them for water and space , then buy the machine . You can buy the machine on jumia or go shops that sell generators.
Each car cost about 3k to 5k depending on your location.
In my town here in Umuahia , Abia State ,one should be about 3k but in Abuja , Lagos ,Port Harcourt or bigger cities, it could cost more.

What business to start with 50k? Try Car wash in Nigeria

Let’s assume you clean up to 3 cars in a day ,you will go home with 9k everyday.
Now listen , it’s not only car that Car washers wash, they wash other things such as RUGS, Radiator, etc that give them separate mone.


Fruit selling is one business that is neglected but truly generates huge income .

Let me give you a close example, last year , on my way back from Uyo, I stopped around IkotEkpene and bought a stick/bunch of plantain just 800 Naira but came to my town only to be told it worth 1,500 to 2,000 Naira .

Now remember, I didn’t buy in bulk ooo.

Fruit business is not capital intensive but you can make huge profit everyday .
All you need is just a space not a shop or container.
Invest 7k in the wooden stuff and use 30 or 35k to start .

Sell Fruits like bananas apple, pawpaw, guava, water Mellon, Cucumber, carrot, Orange, grapes, etc.


This is another business you can run in front of your house , Very lucrative but only few know it .
Is the business of grinding thing like beans for moimoi and Akara, maize, Tomatoes, Jero and dawa sorguim, etc . They are needed everywhere.

I know of 2 person’s feeding their family well with this business and didn’t rent any shop – just in front of their building
One machine is ok to start .


There is a machine that detects faults in cars .most times you go mechanics with one fault in a car but they will end up creating ten more faults for you because they don’t know how to detect the specific fault in a car.

As a car fault detector, your responsibility is to place the machine in the car, and it runs the problem of that car in form of a code.

Now copy the code to google and paste it there , it will automatically interpret the meaning of those codes for you.

For one car , you could be paid up to 5k but remember your strength are the mechanics.

If they bring you one car and you collect 5k, don’t eat alone , encourage them with 1,500 Naira for repeated patronage.


Blogging in Nigeria is a major source of income. If you have a blog, you get paid in dollars.

It is very easy to get started and does not require a great deal of tech skills. Infact, you start blogging today with the right training.

How to get a fully functional website for BLOGGING?

Get a fully functional blog site with full customer support and training on how to make good use of the blog. Contact Soft-us Technologies now for only N20,000.

What business to start with 50k

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