Sunday, December 10

Lifestyle tips: Whitemoney gives 5 step to sugar Daddy dressing

The Big Brother Naija show’s winner this year is Whitemoney. We recognized him as a man of culture from the moment he went onto the platform, and he demonstrated it in many ways.

Whitemoney (real name Hazel Onou) has perfected one thing, and that is how to look like a wealthy sugar daddy.

Whitemoney in Igbo Attire
Whitemoney in Igbo Attire

And you, too, may be like him if you follow these simple steps:


1. Always wear a size bigger

A wealthy sugar daddy would most likely have a belly; this means that his clothes cannot be glued to his body. He needs that extra space in his outfit.

Wear a lot of traditional attires like kaftans and agbadas to achieve that sugar daddy image. Sure, you can wear jeans every now and again to remind the young men that you still remember what it’s like to be young.

Whitemoney in fancy Attire
Whitemoney in fancy Attire

3. Invest in a man purse.

Where does a sugar daddy keep all of his precious possessions? He can’t afford to be casual with them, which is why he requires a man’s purse.


4. Smell nice

Expensive perfume is essential to being a wealthy sugar daddy. People need to smell you even hours after you have left the room. I know Whitemoney loves smelling nice too because he was liberal when spraying perfumes in the Big Broth

Whitemoney in Native Attire
Whitemoney in Native Attire

5. Diamonds and expensive jewellery

A diamond or gold bracelet or chain, rings or an expensive Cartier watch is proof that you are a sugar daddy and that is something Whitemoney always wears.