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Why Gulder Ultimate Search can’t measure up to BB Naija’s popularity

The Gulder Ultimate Search has just been concluded and a winner, Odudu Otu has been crowned. But even after a successful season, the Gulder Ultimate Search can’t live up to it’s old glory, or rank with popularity of Big Brother Naija reality show.

We are going to factor out WHY.

Why is Big Brother Naija so popular and engaging?

The reality show, which debuted in 2006, features a group of strangers living together for 12 weeks in a camera-filled house. Every step is tracked and broadcast to millions of viewers via a specialized TV channel 24 hours a day.

While at the house, they interact with one another and take part in physical and mental tasks. Every week, at least one of the housemates with the fewest votes is expelled. The eviction takes place after the housemates make secret nominations and viewers vote.

The winner receives a cash prize after weeks of nominations and evictions.

What makes BBNaija so engaging

It’s difficult to avoid even if you don’t watch the show. Its popularity has grown as a result of the social media era and constant journalistic coverage.

A housemate’s behavior may have been noted only by the show’s most ardent fans in the past, but now it has gone viral. The brawl between Cee-C and Tobi, as well as Bambam and Teddy A’s toilet romp, are examples.

Here’s what some Nigerians had to say when we questioned why they think people are so hooked with the show.

Big Brother Naija is, in fact, a fascinating social experiment that brings out the best and worst in not only the restricted competitors, but also the fans.

Every season, the housemates will have at least one unique friendship, relationship, or sexual encounter.

  • The sex part

“Another factor, believe it or not, is sex. Some people enjoy seeing the roommates participate in sexual activities, while others fantasize about their physical characteristics “Gbenga, who occasionally watches the show, expressed his opinion.

  • Strategy for the game

While some contestants enter the house with no clear strategy, others have a well-thought-out strategy for winning over their housemates and viewers. Pity, a romantic relationship, laughter, or viciousness could all be examples. While some are successful, others are not.


Thrilling facts about Gulder Ultimate Search

Several reality shows debuted in Nigeria in the early 2000s, a country with a wide talent pool and a receptive audience. That period marked an important stage in the change of home entertainment in a country of 200 million residents, from the monthly “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” to Big Brother Naija and the music-oriented Project Fame, Maltina Dance Hall, Star Quest, and Nigerian Idol.

Some of these programmes have subsequently been cancelled, at the same time as the Gulder Ultimate Search. However, they have not received the same level of enthusiasm for their return as the latter.

Gulder Ultimate Search has a cult following because it weaves together spectacular and realistic aspects to depict the difficulties and tribulations of a Nigerian seasoned with hard work and determination that leads to the finding of a treasure.

The contestants take on the roles of heroes and villains, and in order to win, they must work hard, plot, strategize, and vanquish their opponent. It’s a case of survival of the fittest at its most extreme.

Gulder Ultimate Search may be viewed as a portrayal of the fantasy of looking for treasure on an island or in a forest while combating imaginary creatures as a superhero by a younger audience. To adults, the show may be interpreted as a metaphor for human perseverance in the face of adversity, with the hope of achievement at the end.

Gulder Ultimate Search is a show that is pure entertainment. Participants are given a variety of tasks on a regular basis. Those who succeed will be allowed to stay in the forest longer, while those who fail will be asked to leave. These tasks put their physical, mental, and social abilities to the test. The capacity to work as part of a team is sometimes the goal.

Factors that helps BBNaija maintain viewers and get more followers

  1. Sexual content
  2. Music and entertainment
  3. Focus on social life
  4. Promise of Fame and stardom
  5. Dedicated channel for 24 hours live broadcast
  6. Advertisement of company product
  7. DSTV promotion
  8. Live parties
  9. House mates argument
  10. Suspense
  11. Viewer’s participation in voting

Why Gulder Ultimate Search experienced low viewership compared to BBNAIJA

The absence of these viewer engaging factors as listed above is the primary reason why GUS (Gulder Ultimate Search) didn’t not get as much attention as BBNAIJA.

Although, a handful of activities allowed in BBNAIJA do not add any moral values to it’s viewers, rather it promotes immorality.

Other than that, GUS will have to review carefully their decision of a host for the next season. According to social media reactions, using Toke Makinwa as a host was a wrong move. Fans showed their discontent with GUS decision to allow the internet sensation to host the program.

Perhaps, GUS can take some notes from the point highlighted above for a better result next season.

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