Ayobami Oluwasegun analyzes why Peter Obi may lose 2023 Election

Ayobami Oluwasegun, a digital and social media space expert has aired his views on Labour Party and why Peter Obi may lose 2023 Election

Via his Facebook handle, he said:

“One reason why I would love to see Peter Obi win this election is because I think Igbos have been denied the opportunity for a while.


“We have seen the two other tribes do it without a major progress. if we are looking for a change, I think we should let the Igbos try it too.


“But sadly he may not win, Not under labour party. I read a publication about Nigeria having around One Hundred and eighty thousand polling units in Nigeria”.

Some valid questions he raised which supports his view were:

“How will labour party provide 400k party agents?

How will labour party guarantee the safety of these agents especially those going to the North?


“We all know Tinubu has formed an alliance with the North by being in APC so he doesn’t have to worry about agents and logistics.

why Peter Obi may lose 2023 Election
why Peter Obi may lose 2023 Election

“I see a lot of Igbos arguing here on Facebook and it’s sad that the arguments will not go anywhere.


What you’re supposed to be doing not only register with labour party but choose to volunteer as agents for labour party. Election will not be done with arguments.

Having weighed other candidates based on credibility, he declared his intentions to vote Peter Obi as Nigeria’s next president come 2023.

“I am giving my vote to Peter Obi sha and hope that we can at least be close at the end because I believe it will send a signal to them that we can combat God- fatherism and dirty politics”.

Ayobami Oluwasegun: why Peter Obi may lose 2023 Election

Source: Ayobami Oluwasegun Elijah | Facebook