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Reason behind Gov. Wike’s ban on night clubs, prostitution

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has banned nightclubs and prostitution in the state. The question on everyone’s mind is why Wike ban night clubs.

Prior to now, prostitution has been a “lucrative business” for some woman and men inclusive in Rivers state. This is however not peculiar to Rivers state alone as common practices are found in other parts of the world.

Night clubs are good promoters of prostitution, creating a perfect contact point and a soothing environment for easy sexual relationship transactions.

Why Wike ban night clubs

Why Wike ban night clubs

Places in Rivers state where Prostitution strives

20. Borokiri: town axis to Borokiri is covered with street Runs Girls, most of them date a member or two of any strong cult group in that area for backup due to the high rate of cultism there and they normally pretend when they meet responsible working class guys, deceive you to come visit them in Borokiri, Bingo!!! Say goodbye to your phones, money via ATM and valuables immediately you visit them because you will meet their real cultists boyfriends when you get there.

19. DLine: this area is a coordinated street olosho zone, most of the Runs Girls there rent rooms as normal people living in that area but their rooms are used as banging point for their clients

18. Agip: part of this area shares boundary with UST (University of Science and Technology) and School of Health, the students of this two higher institutions lives in this area and 80% are Runs Girls, it’s also easier for them to access Abacha road and GRA for their lucrative olosho business

17. Rumuodara: most tiled streets along Rumuodara road down to Omega house is covered with cooperate Runs Girls, Don’t be deceived by their innocent looks

16. New Road Eliozu: this area you have a lot of new buildings/apartments for rent, most of those rented apartment especially self contain are been rented by Runs girls.

15. NTA Road: this is another area of new buildings/apartments and most oloshos live in those apartments. There is a particular tiled street after Osmosis that is filled with Runs girls in this area, no just be young boy with a nice ride, they will kill you with green light

14. Transamadi: this area is an industrial area filled with oil companies, construction companies, bottling companies just name them. Runs girls live in these area with the mindset of catching one oil worker or company worker to enhance her pay or tie them down for marriage.

13. Woji: golf estate is in this area and its also close to transamadi, they have Rivers linking to big seas around this area with some offshore workers living there, Runs girls are all over the neighborhood to hustle this men

12: Old GRA: this area is strictly for big boys/men and retired oloshos, when I say retired, they are retired but not tired. Runs girls that live here are rich but they still hustle some big boys/men around

11. Winpee Mile4: this area also have high rate of Runs girls with enough beer palours and joints around, easy access to GRA for their hustling, good power supply too for their comforts.

10. Mile3 Diobu: similar to Borokiri but a bit safer than Borokiri. Almost all the streets in Mile3 Diobu have Olosho joints, beer parlours. The famous Azikiwe Street where you will find olosho joints from the beginning of the street till the end of the street. Part of this area has boundary with UST too and Runs girls are everywhere.

9. Rumuomasi: similar to mile3 but more packed and doper than mile3. Most streets there have olosho joints and you might live there for years without knowing because they don’t have signposts. There is also a legendary olosho joint there that existed before the war lol “I won’t mention the name”. Also they have constant power supply in most streets there and with Shell company around Runs girls never run dry in this area

8. Stadium Road Elekahia: this area is similar to Rumuomasi and also close, with ocabique planet and rest located around this area makes this area Number 8 on my list, Runs girls lives in this area and they also have a lot of dope event centers in this area making it a hot cake for dope Runs girls.

7. Rumukwuta: this area is close to Rumuola, making it Number 7 on my list, they also have a lot of Olosho joints there and most rooms rented by single girls there are banging points for clients, you can even do TDB in their rooms there. Easy access to GRA too.

6. Uniport Offcampus comprises of (Aluu, Alakahia and Choba): Aluu comes first among the off campuses because they have more Runs girls living there followed by Alakahia before Choba. Research shows that 80% of Uniport girls are Runs girl and they live in these areas. Drive down there with a flashy car and pick as many as you want, you will even be confused whom to pick.

5. Artillery: with the booming Mr Sweets and rest located at Artillery makes it Number 5 on my list. If you go to Artillery junction from 8pm you will be surprised, from the junction from 8pm you will be surprised, from the junction along Aba road down towards woji road is littered with oloshos. The whole neighborhood is covered with Runs girls.

4. Rumuigbo: people might wonder why Rumuigbo is at number 4 spot on my list but one funny thing about this area is that even the so called responsible girls living with their parents are all Runs girls. I can testify that there are no virgins from the age of 12 upwards in Rumuigbo. They also have booming olosho joints like Tuscany, DarTerry suites, Embassy hotel etc. Rumuigbo at night is turning to another GRA in terms of Olosho. From Tuscany axis down to psychiatric road the whole neighborhood is filled with Runs girls living there.

3. Rumuola: it’s well known for its name and also it’s like a mother to Rumuigbo in terms of oloshos because most Runs girls from there expands their territory to Rumuigbo making it number 3 on my list.

2. GRA: I know most people have been waiting to see GRA and will also think GRA will be number 1 lol, well it was number 1 but not anymore. 90% of the hotels in GRA are filled and occupied with Runs girls, GRA is like Pornhub at night with the numerous night clubs, Runs girls are like mtn in GRA (everywhere you go). You can pick Runs girls of all kinds, class and shape in GRA. Cheap and very expensive are there for you.

1. Orazi/Eligbam: Orazi, Orazi, Orazi hmmm how many times did I call you? It stole number 1 from GRA because almost all the classic Runs girls in GRA reside in Orazi/Eligbam axis, it’s very close to GRA, some people call some part of Orazi GRA and most Runs girls that live in Orazi will tell you they live in GRA. They have lots of boutiques and salons in Orazi/Eligbam and 95% of the ones owned by females are all Runs girls, any public compound you enter in Orazi/Eligbam axis you must find at least 3 Runs girls living there.

According to Payboyxclusives – NairaLand, 2016

Reason why Gov. Wike banned Night clubs and Prostitution in Rivers state

Wike issued the order on Saturday during his New Year broadcast in Port Harcourt, prohibiting nightclub activities including as nocturnal trading and street prostitution, notably along Abacha Road and neighboring areas, particularly in the Casablanca area.

The measure will “stop the detrimental repercussions of these wicked practices on the moral development of children and society at large,” according to Wike.

Gov. Wike says as he gave the order

Security Agencies to Enforce Ban

However, it is unknown how long the prohibition will stay; the Governor has fewer than two years remaining in office, after all.

Wike further ordered state security agents to apprehend and prosecute anyone who tries to break the prohibition. He stated that a taskforce would be formed to this end.

After the general elections in 2023, Governor Wike’s term will come to an end.

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